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Fountains Of Youth #1

Toby's Sampler Video

If you're new to BigDikFactory's videos or if you are just one of his many fans, you're going to want to pick up this collection of hot clips from Toby's best videos. Some of them are already on AMVC and other will be released here in the months to come. There's also a couple of clips from videos by Toby's good buddies at Customboys Videos.

Rock-N-Roll Dreams

A story of a hot twink who spends his first Christmas away from home while attending School. Slow dancing, fantasy posing, hot fucking and on and on.

Principal of Lust

Beer can redheaded dick sporter Rusty Samuels and an all out Greek orgy in a fantasy seen through the eyes of the school's art teacher.

I Live For Sex

This one is hot. A Journey through the mind of the glory hole cock hounds the sleazoids and their object of desire married men. You'll see some awesome heavy dick and your brain will get hard as well as your dick.

Happiness Is A Big Cock

From the title song down through this fun college tale you will have a good time even at this little preview. Ted is looking for better grades and get them by seducing everybody on campus.

User Friendly

This one has Alex Young who has been called the best looking boy ever. Wonderful cameos-hard ons and good hot sex makes it a winner.


Tristen goes to college and what he gets is a serious sex education. You will love the head swimming coach seducing the school's meek little nerd.

Missouri Show Me Guys

Corn Fed Saint Louis boys show off hit dicks.

Oh Solo Mio

Young hung Italian Americans proud to strut their stuff.

The Strong And Silent Type

A wonderful collection of hot guys dreaming up super cool scenarios (most scenes have two guys)

Something For Everyone

An audition tape of the ones who we thought we needed to take a second look at. We were right, a second look can be crucial.

You Can't Hurry Sex

A love making guide for very young and inexperienced twinks who are just out and need guidance (that's what we are here for)

What I Did For Sex

Another great school wrestling story.

Young Bazookas

Hot youngsters with big dicks.

Schoolmates #3

This doesn't get any better... A Twink classic. and this is way. Young barely legal(18-21) with huge dicks and insatiable sexual appetite roam a school looking for what some might call "trouble." If this is trouble I want to order a catastrophe.

Young Masseurs

Hot massage by young strong hands is supposedly the only competition Ponce de Leon would have had. Very sensuous hot hard sex massage movie...where the touch the sucking and fucking all make a winning combination.

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Fountains Of Youth #1

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