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Missouri Show Me Guys

Preston Cook

This bottle-blond cutie is stroking off in bed when this session starts and there's not much that's going to stop him from his task. Thank goodness! Preston has a large cock that gets hard fast. Preston's smooth bubble butt is a sight to behold...and you'll wish you could be holding it in your hands, for sure! At just the right time, Preston shifts into over-drive and fires off a wad of cum that shoots straight up into the air. Fabulous!
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Jerod Stevens

This yuppie dude has dreams of becoming a top of the line physique and fashion model, but he's still doing the 9 to 5 thing. He dozes off in his living room and his dreams become real...and our reality becomes a dream come true. Standing in front of the window in a high-rise hotel, Jerod strokes his stuff for the whole world to see then hits the bed for more posing, jerking, and cum load shooting.
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Lamar Jackson

The myth is that Black men are just plain hung better than whites...well it's true and every time Lamar strokes his cock he just proves it. don't get me wrong, Lamar is more than just a dick...he's a very cute guy and he's got a great body, but face it, you're looking at his cock and he knows it and he gets off on it. He likes it so much that he blows a load of cream that covers his tube steak is pure white sauce...not once, but TWICE!
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Cameron Kelley

This sexy and slender young man gets back to nature in a big way. He bares all in and around an old run down farm, his milky white skin practically glowing in the sunlight. After whacking his meats along side one wall, Cameron climbs into the barn's rafters and jerks his cock from a lofty perch. He pounds his pecker hard and fast and finally delivers up a wad of cream that covers his tummy and pubes.
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Trip Winters

Here is that young gay urban professional you've seen downtown every day this week. He slips up to his hotel room during a break in the conference and slides out of his clothes for a lunch time J/O session. He plays with himself through his boxer shorts and then he whips out his cock to show off his Prince Albert piercing. Wow, this is a kinky dude after all. Trip jerks his pierced cock for a nice long time and then spurts out his load.
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Ian Idol

This hottie started off as a mild mannered sailor but ended up a hot-to-trot porno dude in The Transformation of Ian Idol. Now he's back to show you that he's still as horny and as ready as ever. Ian slathers baby oil all over his body until he's shiny and wet and his few remaining inhibitions slip away. Ian puts on a sultry and steamy show until he finally reaches his zenith and spills a load of hot cum all over his chest.

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Missouri Show Me Guys

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