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Justin & Josh

Justin, whose Midwest, smooth-bodied, pale looks are just the opposite of the hirsute dark-eyed Josh, leans back on his bed and lets his older neighbor show him how to really relax. Here we see the relaxed approach of an experienced cocksucker -- Josh Shafer obviously knows how to give a massage with more than one body part. The camera angles and close-ups are breathtaking, and when he turns Justin over and makes a slow, sweet trail with his tongue and lips down his back to his pucker, the intensity melts the tape. Justin just lays back and lets Josh worship him until he spurts while being pumped by Josh. Grateful for the climax, Justin then leans over and licks Josh's ballsack reverently until the older guy spurts as well.

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Goliath & Butch

While giving a very good imitation of a professional massage to the prone, naked Goliath in his hotel room, Butch says that's it's awfully hot, does Goliath mind if he takes off his shirt? Then, his jeans. Then, Goliath feigns apologies when Butch's cock rubs up against his lips -- it grows instantly before your eyes. Goliath tosses Butch's legs over his head, dives into his butt, and then pulls the kid up so that he's standing on his head, back to Goliath who is still eating his ass. Then Goliath throws Butch on his back, pulls the kid's legs around his waist, and lifts him from the table from under his thighs. They can't take it any longer and Goliath throws Butch back on the table, and they cum in torrents.

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Ian & Tripp

Next up we have two guys who met in the Navy, and became lovers after one of them cut the other's hair on board ship. The darkly sensuous Ian Idol was the customer, and the Lanky, more intense, sandy-haired Tripp Winters the barber. Here, they repeat their tonsorial encounters from their sailor days in their new living room before Tripp seduces Ian. This is a short, nicely edited, scene between two lovers who know each other's bodies well -- and the only massaging comes when Ian takes a few friendly gropes at Tripp's feet, thighs and orbs -- before offering up his exceptionally pretty pucker to his boyfriend's thick poker. Lovely lighting, lovely mood, nice cum-shots.

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Alejandro & Kirk

Two twinks on the street cruise each other. One says to the other, "Aren't you the guy who gives massages?" They wind up sucking and fucking back at Kirk's place, and it's a reasonably hot version of a scene you've seen 1,000 times -- pale, hot white boy gets porked by thick-dicked, uncut dark Latino. But, it has more than a few interesting added tidbits -- they both give massages, and they seem to genuinely enjoy sucking each other off. The highlight of the scene is the extended close-up of Alejandro's cock plugging Kirk's tight hole, with the music muted and their natural sex sounds, as well as the sounds of the sheet shifting and the condom slipping in and out, predominating. Good little sex scene between two hot little fuckers.

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amateur porn

Justin & Peter

The last scene brings back Justin for another massage, this one from Peter Orlov, who is supposed to know what he's doing. There are also weird editing cuts which interject Justin in solo takes, before Peter fits him for a jumbo condom and takes the pole up his skinny ass, by then you will have already creamed. Enjoy.

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Young Masseurs

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