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Documentation Requirements For Each DVD

     Quick Ref: Provide the following items with every new AMVC DVD:
  • A Mastered DVD.

  • NTSC (USA) video format.

    All Region Coding for worldwide distribution.

    20 second Auto-Play 2257 Data Screen at the start of the DVD.

    NO watermarking or branding on the video content.

  • Complete Model Documentation on Each Performer.

  • Legible ID scan for each performer.

    Fully Completed Model Release scan for each performer.

  • Support Documents and Data

  • 2257 Compliance Form for the DVD.

    Performer Index in Excel spreadsheet or Word document format.

  • Send Us Your Stuff

  • Mail Data & Videos To:
         AMVC. LLC
         931-B S Main Street #106
         Kernersville, NC 27284 USA

    Email Scans and Forms to
         Dallas F.

Follow these instructions each time you send in a new DVD for AMVC so that we will have all of the important data for your new release.

Under the recently amended law there is no longer a distinction between Primary Producer and Secondary Producer. A person is either a Producer or he is not. Although we disagree, the law clearly views our sites as a "Producer". As such, we are REQUIRED to maintain copies of your model documentation. Here is a list of what we will need:

  1. A completed and signed 2257 Compliance Form. Click Here to get a copy for your use in PDF format or Click Here to get a copy for your use in HTML format.

  2. Clear and legible copies of model releases and IDs for every performer in the DVD.
    • If you are a USA based producer shooting sessions outside of the USA then you may accept model IDs from any country as long as the IDs meet the same standards as a US ID, i.e. it must be issued by a federal governement or a state/territorial/provincial goverment, have the photo, name, and birthdate of the performer, and show a document number so the inspectors can access an original from the issuing authority if they choose to do so. The common examples are: Passport, Driver's License, State-Issued ID,or Military ID. In such cases, please complete an Affidavit for Filming Outside of the USA form and send it in with the video.

  3. An index file for the performers in the DVD in Excel Spreadsheet or Word document format. Please send the data file itself, not a print out on paper, as we will integrate your data into the master index file that we maintain for all listed videos. Your index file should be an EXCEL spreadsheet formatted document like this example. You can right-click that link and select ''Save Target As'' to save the template to your computer. If you do not have EXCEL then you can use a Google Spreadsheet for free and it will allow you to export the file in .xls format and you can email that exported file to us.

  4. Finally, the DVD must contain a 2257 screen at the start of the DVD.
    • 2257 Screen Format: The text must be black on a white background and the text must be large enough, and stay on the screen long enough, to be easily readable. A minimum of 20 seconds for JUST the 2257 screen is required.
    • Locations Of 2257 Screen on DVD: Every DVD must display the 2257 Screen before any nudity or sex is shown. Usually this is done by placing the 2257 Screen in the Auto-Play area of the DVD when makinmg the master.
    • 2257 Screen Content: The 2257 Screen must list the title of the video, the first and last name of the Custodian of Records, the full and complete physical address where the records are stored (P.O. Boxes and Private Mail Boxes are not permitted), and the dates of production for the DVD. The 2257 rules do not spell out the exact wording of the compliance statement but here is an example you might use:
      All performers appearing in (insert video title here) were eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of filming. Proof is on file with the Custodian of Records (insert first initial & last name here) located at (insert complete address here, no PO Boxes). Dates of Production: (insert filming dates here in THIS format: 01/11/2009).

Send your DVD, the Index File, Compliance Form, the Index File, and scans of the Model Releases, IDs to:
931-B S Main Street #106
Kernersville, NC 27284 USA
We recommend that you use Priority Mail from the U.S. Post Office if you are within the USA or Registered Air Mail if you are outside of the USA.
When we receive your package we will review the information and if everything is in order we'll enter your video into the new release queue. If there are any irregularities we will send you an email explanation.

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Our videos are amateur-homemade, adults only, entertainment that are never to be shown to minors, and are for personal use only.

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