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Corrupting Casey

A NOTE FROM VINNIE: 18 year old furry-chested Casey was a fellow Young Marine and friend of C.J. (SPP20 Grunt Spunk,SPP37 AWOL Spunk) when I first met him. This straight 5'8" 150 pound "Devil Pup" was a slow starter but over the course of these four sessions he "cums" out of his shell and gives me a run for my money! Lots of sexy conversation,handjobs,blowjobs,butt play and cum eating. The Ultimate Reality Television . video has a scene selection menu and chapters. Check out some of Casey's other sessions: SPP58 Bad Boyz Club,SPP71 Money For Nuttin',SPP73 Blowin' Da Boyz,VinDawg's P.C. #16: Holler Atcha Boy


Casey comes by to hang out with me and to check out a new porno flick. I begin filming and he strips down and quickly gets a hard-on. When I oil up his cock and start to stroke him he lays back and lets me service him. Casey closes his eyes and relishes my warm mouth and soon I'm pulling out my own stiff rod and starting a cock fight. After a while it looks like Casey is too nervous and isn't going to be able to nut so I let him off the hook till next time and we end the session.

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When Casey arrives this time he's determined to deliver that M.I.A. nut. After stripping down to his socks he lubes up and begins jerking on his big cock. I expose my own hardened piece and scoot up next to him on the sofa. While he strokes himself I chew on his fuzzy balls and soon he's spilling his load as I lick it off the head of his cock. That's much better!

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Casey hasn't nutted in a couple of days so he should be ready to roll. The clothes come off and the oil goes on as he begins stroking his rod. I grab his cock from his hand and masterfully masturbate him before taking out my rock-hard piece. Casey takes my cock in his hand and strokes it as I go down on him then when I stand up he takes it in his mouth. In no time Casey shoots a massive load as I chew on his balls and asshole.

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After stripping down to his birthday suit Casey settles in with a porno flick. I suck on his cock as he reclines in the chair then I rub our slippery cocks together. As I continue to stroke him I press my cock against his butt hole and try to penetrate it. Casey seems willing but he's way too tense to allow anything but the very tip of my huge cock to enter him. After stroking himself for a while longer Casey realizes that he just isn't going to be able to pop a nut. Better luck next time!?

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Corrupting Casey

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