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Cory's Big Adventure

92 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: After being released from prison on his 21st birthday,Cory decides to stay awhile with VinDawg before he moves in with his girlfriend. So in these all new six sessions,you'll see just how I managed to keep him entertained for a whole week! A naked dip in the pool,some slip-slidin' in the shower,an "auto" erotic experience and a whole lot of slurpin on Cory's "magic stick" make for one fun-filled,cum-coaxin' adventure! Its got to be special when even VinDawg manages to unload a few!! The Ultimate Adult Reality Show!
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Barebackin' Buddies
The Best Of Sneek Peek #6

113 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: When he's naked,pulling his pud and heading for the floor,out come my rigid cock and a jar of favorite lube. In no time I'm grasping his hips firmly and riding his tight ass. When Buzz starts to slide back and forth in that special way that I love,I lose it completely and blow my wad on his backside. Whoo Wee Baby! Check out some of my hottest anal encounters with 3 of Sneek Peek's favorite straight boyz! White trash special JOHNNY visits my pad and gets a lesson in manly butt play,Super-hung Blatino thug ENRIQUE props up his ass for a little back-door fun,and tattoo'd auto mechanic BUZZ gives it up every-which-way in three ball-busting sessions.
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Cockfight Club: The Best Of Sneek Peek #5

120 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Enrique is buck naked in my living room,cock pointing up,waiting for Vinnie to work his magic! As I go down on his monster he talks about the dirty white girls in the movie,so now I think it's time to invite Mr. Bill to join us! I start to rub our cocks together and soon he's strokin' my big piece and taking over the cock fight! I stand up and say to Enrique "Lick it!" and he does,but makes a sour face as he tries to suck it. Time to retreat as I begin to blow him again and,waiting for just the right time,I make him bust a huge nut as I begin another cock fight! Is it my imagination or is Enrique putting his clothes on a little faster this time?
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Sneek-A-Peek #3: Cory Short and Sweet

62 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Cory's sprawled out on my bed as his monster grows and when he slips off his boxers he starts jerking on it. I begin sucking his cock and soon he erupts on my lips. I scoot up next to him and Cory starts to suck my cock as I stroke his still hard cock. It doesn't take long for me to bust on Cory's leg.
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Man-Sized Loads: The Best Of Sneek Peek #4

120 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Freshman football jock Jeremy stops by to audition for what he thinks is a straight porno. Jeremy gets naked,stretches out on my bed and he's soon sporting a boner with the help of some lube and my hand. While I'm stroking him,Jeremy says ''My favorite sex is blowjobs,I cum real quick that way!'' Well,faster than a speeding bullet I'm sucking on that huge man-meat and making Jeremy pop a creamy load. After a cigarette break he's good to go again and after a little more suckin' and strokin',Jeremy unloads an even bigger nut the second time! I hear my college buddy is now a wide receiver who likes to play the field!
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Bad Boyz Club #4

76 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Marshall stops by my pad for a little interaction and quickly strips his pants off. While he watches a favorite porno I lubricate his cock and stroke it up. His cock swells in my mouth as I suck on it and I bury my face in his crotch to get every inch down my throat. Marshall spills a huge load on my lips.
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Cory: The Next Level

80 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Cory stops by after work and when he's done chillin' ends up in the bedroom in his superman boxers. His cock springs up and I go down. As he works the remote I give Cory's cock a real tongue lashing,then I scoot up on the bed next to him and pull out my cock. He grabs it and strokes it up then goes down on it. He's getting pretty good! I stroke him as he sucks me and I can feel he's gonna come so I go down on him. After I make Cory suck my cock again he spills a huge load and I eat it up.
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Money For Nuttin' #3

99 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: After work Enrique stops by to chill and to get one off - he can't remember the last time he busted!? Sprawled out in the chair,Enrique works the remote as I go down on his monster cock. After I get him close to the edge he stands up and plasters me with an amazing facial! I whip out my own fat cock and we compare sizes.
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Corrupting Casey

94 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: When Casey arrives this time he's determined to deliver that M.I.A. nut. After stripping down to his socks he lubes up and begins jerking on his big cock. I expose my own hardened piece and scoot up next to him on the sofa. While he strokes himself I chew on his fuzzy balls and soon he's spilling his load as I lick it off the head of his cock. That's much better!
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Conquering Cory #3

85 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: After stuffing himself with candy and soda,Cory picks out a video for tonight's session. Naked on the chair,Cory lets me suck on his fat cock. I take out my cock and rub'em both together and after I give Cory's balls a tongue bath he starts jerkin' on my cock. Before he makes me cum we move over to the sofa and we stroke each other for a while. Cory shoots his load in my hand and stays rock hard as he starts to lick the head of my cock barely taking it in his mouth. Cory continues to jerk me and I bust big in his hand. That was worth waiting for!
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