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Playin' With Paulie #2

A NOTE FROM VINNIE: Italian studpuppy Paulie has been hanging around with Vinnie as much as he can and it's beginning to show - he's acquiring a taste for cock! Watch when Paulie puts my cock in his mouth - he's a little queasy at first but he's a trooper. These 8 hot encounters feature more blowjobs galore,load-coaxing cockfights,plenty of feisty conversation and cum eating... Stats: 18 years old,5'4'' and 125 lbs. See Paulie in: SPP58 Bad Boyz Club,SPP69 Str8 Loads 15,SPP71 Money For Nuttin',SPP72 Bad Boyz Club #2,SPP73 Blowin' Da Boyz,SPP75 Playin' With Paulie

Giving Mr. Bill A Hand:

Paulie is horny again and he stops by unannounced,so before I can get the camera rolling he's already naked on my bed. After I suck him a while I pull open my pants,take out my cock and Paulie starts jerking me off. He seems as surprised as I am when he does it! I go back to getting him off and he quickly blows a load in my mouth.

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Not Ready For Prime Time:

Again Paulie's naked before I turn the camera on and so I get right into it. He focuses on the porno flick and squirms on the bed as I suck his hard cock. I take out my hard cock and he starts jerking on it. "Taste it!" I say and he takes the head of my cock in his mouth but he gets cold feet and says "I can't do it!". I go back to blowing him and soon he busts a huge nut.

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It Was Good!

Paulie drops by with a saved load and after pulling my pussy off the bed he strips down for a session. He smiles as I get between his knees to suck his cock and soon he starts responding to my service. I play a little with his butthole as I blow him and when his stomach starts to heave he blows his nut in my mouth.

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Tastes Good But...

Before pulling his shorts off,Paulie plays for the camera. He's rock hard as I go down on him and after I take out my cock we have a cock fight. Paulie grabs my cock and starts to jerk on it and when I stand up he puts it in his mouth. I can tell he's still not ready to give me real blow job so I go back to sucking him. He starts pushing my head down on his cock and soon he busts a nut down my throat. Paulie shows me his ass and says "Its and 'out-ee' not an 'in-ee'!"

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Cum Together:

His girlfriend threw him out (again) so Paulie shows up on my door step. He strips down and pops in a new porno before settling in a chair and pullin' his pud. I eat his meat for a while then I pull out Mr. Bill and start a cock fight. Paulie grabs my cock and starts to jerk on it then I rub our cocks together until we both bust our nuts. I think the puddle of my cum on his leg is freakin' him out!

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Easy! I'm Queasy!

Even sub-zero temperatures and 2 feet of snow can't keep Paulie from his appointed session. He's a little crazy today (brain freeze?) but calms down enough for me to start sucking his cock. When I unzip my jeans Mr.Bill comes out to play and we have a cock fight. "I wonder how much that thing weighs?" he exclaims. Paulie then licks my shaft and takes the head in his mouth but he's not up to the task. I go back to blowing him and as he squirms around in the chair he pumps a load in my mouth.

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Finish Me Off:

After playing for the camera Paulie strips down and waits for the service to begin. He a little ornery today but he quickly settles down when I take his cock in my mouth. I take out my stiff rod and after we engage in a cock fight I poke Mr. Bill in his face and this time Paulie licks the shaft and head a little longer than usual. He much prefers that I give him more head so I oblige and he soon blows a wad on my lips. Paulie starts jerking my cock and coaxes my huge load onto his thigh. Its so cute how unsettled he gets with my nut on his leg!

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My Eyes! My Eyes!

After some playing to the camera Paulie calms down and focuses on the task at hand (mouth?). I service his cock for a while then Paulie starts jerking my cock as I blow him. He licks the shaft and head then says ''Its fucking huge,guy! I can't look at it anymore!'' I continue to blow him and as he writhes on the bed he blows his load down my throat. ''Taste good?'' he asks.

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Playin' With Paulie #2

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