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Playin' With Paulie

A NOTE FROM VINNIE: Now that ''Italian Stallion'' Paulie is out on bail and living with his girlfriend he needs to get over to Vinnie's even more often! Paulie's increasing curiosity is taking hold and little by little as I break down the walls he gives in to his urges. These 6 hot encounters feature blowjobs galore,first-time cockfights,feisty conversation and cum eating...This pint-sized punk is definitely on his way to ''the Next Level''! Stats:18 years old,5'4'' and 125 lbs. See Paulie in: SPP58 Bad Boyz Club,SPP69 Str8 Loads 15,SPP71 Money For Nuttin',SPP72 Bad Boyz Club #2,SPP73 Blowin' Da Boyz.


After dropping his girlfriend off,Paulie comes by with one thing in mind: getting one of Vinnie's prize-winning blowjobs! He picks out a motivational film,strips off all his clothes and waits for my attention. I kneel between his legs and take his cock in his mouth,bringing it quickly to full swell. While he' enjoying the movie action I pull out my own rigid cock and start a cockfight with Paulie,and he seems cool with it - as long as I don't bust on him! I continue sucking his cock and when he begins squirming and thrashing in the chair I know he's getting close. Paulie doesn't tell me when he's gonna bust so I take his load in my mouth and I don't even know it! ''When you gonna cum?'' I ask. Paulie says ''Dude! I just did!'' I reply ''Oh,there it is!'' as I squeeze the last drop of cum onto my cock. ''Your girlfriend suck your cock good?'' I ask. ''Better than that Sneek Peek fuck!'' he blurts out to the camera. Yeah,Right!

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Paulie pays a visit to my crib to see a new straight porn flick I picked up for him. I have him strip down and as he starts to focus in on the movie action I move in and start to blow him. He watches me as I lick his cock and squeeze out the pre-cum. When he sees me take out my swollen cock Paulie says ''That thing is fucking scary!'' - but he can't keep his eyes off it! I scoot up and rub our rods together and he watches the cockfight intently. I work his piece with my hand and mouth until he gives me a nod and then I jerk his load all over my cock. Peace Out!

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Tonight Paulie seems all wired up,doing a little striptease dance as he undresses in the bedroom. When he relaxes on the bed I zoom the camera in on his hairy legs and ass as he strokes up a boner. Paulie jerks his cock while he watches the porno and makes those emotive faces as he thrashes about the bed. After working his cock hard and long he squeezes out a nut on his stomach. Now thats a real ''fuzzy navel''!

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After a court appearance Paulie stops by and wants to play. He pulls his clothes off and he's already hard when I go down on him. After I suck his cock deep and play a little with his balls,Paulie dumps a load down my throat. ''I think I went!'' he says and I respond ''I didn't even know it happened!'' Damn!

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His girlfriend is OTR so Paulie hasn't nutted in a couple of days. After stripping down he jumps on the bed and I start blowing him. I suck and stroke his cock as he leans back and enjoys the ride and when he's ready he just cums in my mouth. He can't be faking it,can he?

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Paulie's horny again (whats up with the girlfriend?) and stops by for a visit. He strips down and strokes his cock til its hard and then I take over. I blow him hard and fast and when he's ready he busts in my mouth again. ''Wanna see Mr. Bill?'' I ask him. ''Get the fuck outta here!'' he says. Famous last words?

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Playin' With Paulie

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