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The Seduction Of Buzz

A NOTE FROM VINNIE: I'll never forget the day I first met Buzz at a local auto supply store. This straight weekend mechanic was impressed by my phat ride and I was stoked when he agreed to come over to audition for me. When the journey began Buzz was 21 years old,5'8'' tall,145 lbs. and in a relationship. For three-plus years since then Buzz continued to come around to bust a nut,put a smile on Vinnie's face - and finally to bust my cherry wide open! Lots of sexy conversation,deep-throat blow jobs,facials,butt munchin',barebackin' anals,warm creamy loads,cum-eating and much more! Includes previously released scenes from SPP09 STR8 LOADS 5:BUZZ,SPP19 BUZZ:THE NEXT LEVEL,SPP30 BUZZ ME IN,SPP41 BAREBACKIN' BUZZ,SPP47 TESTING THE WATERS and SPP52 BAREBACKIN' BUZZ #2.


When Buzz arrives he browses thru some girlie mags as we chat and when he strips down to his shorts we get to see his collection of tattoos. After slippin' his boxers off Buzz strokes his cock for a while and when he lets me measure it and apply some lube his cock starts to grow in my hand. He seems to be ok with it so I stroke him for a while and when I start to suck his cock he gets rock hard in my mouth. I go all the way down on Buzz's 7'' cock and in no time he's thrusting his hips up off the sofa to get it in deeper. The faster I go the more he's into it and when he tells me he's gonna nut,I lick his throbbing shaft and he shoots a big hot load in my hand,on my face and down my throat. This was the start of something big!

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After cummin' 'round for 8 months or so I think Buzz is ready suck another man's cock (if the money is right?). By this time there is no pretense so when Buzz comes to my bedroom and sheds his threads I get right down on it! He watches himself in the mirror as he guides my head up and down on his shaft. I pull out Mr. Bill and Buzz instinctively starts to stroke it for me,so I ask him to suck my cock (for x-tra $). He hesitates about 10 seconds and the grabs my cock at the base,puts the huge head in his mouth and starts sucking nice and slow. Buzz says he's never done it before but he seems to have the hang of it! When I finish him off he blows a huge nut on my face and down my throat. Its obvious Buzz is a man of few words,but now I know his mouth is good for other things too...

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This ''straight'' tattooed mechanic has been coming around now for about a year and not too long ago he became a father for the 4th time. Buzz knows he's lookin’ sexy with his new surfer-boy haircut and chiseled body so after stripping down and strokin’ up a boner,Buzz lets me know he wants a blowjob. He knows how to make a good thing last even when I rub my own huge cock against his throbbing piece. I start to finger his asshole and when he throws his legs up in the air and says ''Eat my ass!'' I give his butt an intense lickin’. I ask ''Have you ever been fucked?'' and he shakes his head no but when he pulls his legs back farther I decide it's time to go where no man has gone before! Buzz stays rock hard as I lube my bare cock and enter his beautiful butt hole. He rides my cock as I stroke him off and when I ask him ''Do you like that big cock up your ass?'' he cries ''Holy Shit!'' and explodes an amazing load in my hand. There’s nothin’ like a cherry ass! Oh,Yeah!

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I’ll have to admit to being as much a novice as Buzz is in the affairs of the ''butt'',but with a few anal sessions under our belts things start getting interesting. Buzz returns from a skateboarding exhibition and stops by for a little ''in-out,in-out''. I start by pulling off his pants and swallowing his already hardening cock,but when I start to finger his ass his legs are soon in the air. I begin to chew on his butt hole preparing him for the inevitable. Mr. Bill is ready now to join the party and after greasing up I stick it where the sun don’t shine! I love the way Buzz looks at me when I’m fucking him! We move to the floor and kick it up a notch,doin’ the dog and blowin’ our loads at the same time! Extreme!!

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Several months have passed,Buzz has just gotten out of prison and he looks a little ''hard''. He hasn't busted in a few days and he's horny,so I quickly pull off his pants and he starts strokin' it up. ''You gonna let me fuck you a little tonight?'' I ask. ''Yeah!'' he says. I begin to suck on his cock and when I start to work his ass,his legs go up and I lick and munch on his hole. I oil up Mr. Bill and we start barebackin' dawgy-style on the floor,then I flip him on his back and fuck him while I stroke his cock. Buzz busts a huge nut as I blow my wad all over his cock. Man! That was one ''Cumming Home'' party!

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After a few months of canceled sessions Buzz finally stops by to check out my new porn collection. In a flash he's strippin' down and strokin' up. When I kneel between his legs and start servicing his pole I can tell by his look that he’d rather be doing something else! So before long Buzz is on his hands and knees waiting for some lubin' and lovin! Buzz slides back and forth on my naked cock nice and slow,forcing me to blow a huge load all over his ass. As I clean him up and massage his body,Buzz continues to stroke his cock,blowing a load of baby batter on the carpet. Now that's what they call a ''sweet ass''!

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Tonight Buzz wants to work out a little,do some push-ups and free weights and as he talks to his girlfriend on the cell phone he’s posing for me. Buzz picks out a porn flick and after getting a little worked up,he comes over and starts to suck my cock! His mouth is as sweet as his ass!! When I'm ready to release Buzz takes my load in his mouth!!! Buzz seems content with his ''present'' to Vinnie.

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Buzz had been M.I.A. for over a year when he showed up on my doorstep for more sessions. After traveling to the Midwest,shacking up with several girlfriends,Buzz is now ready to rediscover the VinDawg! When Buzz arrives we chill for a while then he takes a quick shower. He’s looking a little beefy today as he soaps up and strokes his cock,but I’ve already decided to let Buzz fuck me today. We head to the bedroom and after locking my Bengal cat in the other room (I’m not prepared for a three-way today) Buzz settles in front of the TV and I begin sucking his cock. After servicing him and making his cock rock hard,I lube him up and get him ready for the next step. I kneel on the bed and wait for Buzz to mount me,but my ass is so damn tight he has a hard time getting it in (after all,this is my first time getting fucked!). ''Is it tight? Can you come like this?'' I ask him. ''Yeah!'' he exclaims. I can feel Buzz getting more and more into it and I love having him up my ass. As he gets close to bustin’ he increases the rhythm and soon he’s pulling out and blastin’ his load all over my ass. I flip over and squeeze out my own huge nut. ''You took VinDawg’s virginity!'' I exclaim. The ultimate Sneek Peek first!

(Hey Vinnie,what about Enrique? DAW18 Enrique and Vinnie: Beatn' Cheeks)

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The Seduction Of Buzz

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