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Latin Loads
Best Of Sneek Peek #2

A NOTE FROM VINNIE: More favorite scenes from the Sneek Peek collection,this time with some added ''FLAVA''! 4 of the sexiest Latinos to cum into Vinnie's hands - and mouth! JOSE is a super-straight Dominican construction worker with a huge ''tranca'' who never thought he'd get off with another guy; I discovered sexy CARLITO at a D'Donuts filling out a job application,just in from the Dominican Republic and looking to make some ''dinero'' SPP04 Get It Str8 #2; the cocky BRONX BOMMA hails from ''El Barrio'' and was recently out of prison when I shot these 2 scenes - Mucho Caliente! SPP11 Str8 Flava #2; and the Brazilian/Portuguese PACO is a soccer fanatic with a serious attitude and a ''pinga mucho grande''! SPP15 Str8 Loads 6: Paco. Scenes include some restored footage and are digitally remastered. Without a doubt these ''amigos'' to have the best ''pitos e cojones'' in the whole ''quilombo''!


This sexy 6'2'' construction worker was finishing a roof job at my neighbor's when I popped the question: ''Wanna get paid to bust a nut?'' Who could resist? After work Jose stops by to chill and I discover he's 22 years old and 170 ''diesal'' pounds of muscle decorated with tattoos and piercings. I have him strip down but he can't seem to get into the mood so he calls a female friend and has her talk dirty to him! When that doesn't work I move him to the bedroom and he seems to relax a little so I measure his monster cock (9'' x 6.5''). Jose lets me continue to touch him so I begin stroking his cock and soon he's exploding all over - the first shot hits my dresser 4 feet away! This beautiful stright dude exclaims ''I never thought I could get off with another guy!'' I realize today was actually Jose's birthday but I'm the one that got the gift!

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My addiction to coffee has definitely been a boon to my sex life - this is the second hot stud I've discovered at a D'Donuts (see SPP26 Str8 Loads 9: Johnny). 5'8'' Carlito is just 18 years old when he arrives to film the ''audition'' and he doesn't seem much for talking but when I throw a porno in the vcr he gets hard pretty quick. I move in and start stroking him and when I think he's ready I start sucking his cock. Carlito know a good thing when he feels it and starts pushing my head down onto his dick and fucking my mouth hard! He pulls his cock out of my mouth and shoots a big creamy load. One of the hottest quickies I've ever had!!

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This 25 year old former NYC gangsta had just gotten out of prison when I found him tryin' to bum a cigarette in the Downtown area of Providence. The Puerto Rican ''Bronx Bomma'' is 6' tall,165 lbs,married with kids,and of course he wants to be a porn star! When we go back at my crib he quickly strips down and in no time he's strokin' a 8'' x 6'' boner. It doesn't take long for me to move in and soon I'm suckin' on his nicely curved rod. The Bomma begins to fuck my face and blows a huge load all over my lips and down my throat. He's sexy,he's cocky and he knows he's hot!

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Days later he returns for another ''session'' and I start him out in the shower. His cock quickly begins to grow so we head to the bedroom and as I start to service his cock he guides my head up and down on his shaft. When the Bronx Bomma gloats that he's got a big dick,I say ''I'll show you BIG!'' and whip out my dick. He's surprised at the size and when I say ''It gets bigger if you touch it!'' the Bronx Bomma starts to yank on my cock. Soon we're both jerking off to the porno flick and when he's ready he shoots a massive nut on my face. He's unsure if he's got what it takes - but I'm sure I'm gonna take what he's got!

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I met 19 year old Paco while visiting an adult video arcade (he had a friend guard his door so the ''ninfos'' would bother him) and over a cigarette I discover this 5'8'',150 pound Latin mongrel wants to be a porno star! Paco arrives from a college hockey game he's just played and after he's stripped down I leave him alone awhile to work himself over. When I return it doesn't take long to realize that big surprises do come in small packages - he's strokin' a monster 9'' x 6''! After I lube up his cock he lets me continue to massage it and soon I'm on my knees devouring the beast. Paco continues to pull and jerk on his cock and when he's ready for the ''money shot'' he unleashes a killer load on my face and tongue. As I watch that horse cock swing between his legs I consider nicknaming this one ''Cockzilla''!

tranca: crossbar,beam (literally),penis (fig.) used to designate an unusually large penis.

El Barrio: New York's Spanish Harlem

mucho caliente: very hot

pinga mucho grande: very big dick.

pitos e cojones: cocks and balls.

quilombo: whorehouse; used primarily in South America; a popular spot for teenage male youth.

ninfo: male nymph; (Guatemalan slang for fag)

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Latin Loads - Best Of Sneek Peek #2

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