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Get It Str8 #2

A NOTE FROM VINNIE: Three horny straight guys think they're auditioning for str8 porn...but ''Where are all the GIRLS?!''... Imagine driving down the highway,you realize your almost out of gas so you pull off at the next exit and head to the first gas station you see. Who starts pumping your gas? It's VINNY! 18 years old,5'11'',180 lbs.,Vinny is a hot-blooded mix of Italian and Portuguese who hasn't been laid in a month! 18 years old CARLITO is the second hot stud I've discovered at a local D and D. When I saw Carlito filling out a job application he had just come to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic and needed $. I was only too happy to oblige by offering him a chance to be a porn star! Last time I shopped in a nearby deli I found BILLY slicing up my order. 20 year old Billy is 6'2'',165 lbs. and of Italian/Polish heritage. He likes to ride his bike to work and can't wait to turn 21 so he can go to a strip club for a lap dance! This is the REAL DEAL - no actors,no scripts - just lots of sexy conversation,hand jobs,blowjobs and loads of cum eating! The ultimate ''Adult Reality Show''!

This director's cut version includes additional footage originally left on the cutting room floor plus a never- before-released BILLY scene. The video features new digital transfers from original tapes,a scene selection menu and chapters.


When the scene starts,Vinny seems pretty cool with the whole ''porn interview'' thing and talks about losing his virginity at 13. He says he doesn't jerk off much,but as he gets into the porno playing on the TV and relaxes he lets me oil up his cock. It doesn't take long for him to get rock hard and after I stroke him a while,he says that girls are scared of his cock so he's never had a ''good'' blow job. Invitation to Dance?! I start licking and sucking Vinny's cock and bring him close 3 or 4 times in just the first few minutes. When I ask him if he wants to get off,he says ''I'm straight if you just want to keep going.'' I start with some heavy hand-mouth action and you can tell he really likes it. When Vinny begins touching my head I know he's ready and then he spurts up one hot load on my face and down my throat.

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Carlito comes back to my crib from the D and D and he's not much for talking. He's right into the porn video and gets hard pretty quick so in no time I'm stroking his 7''x 5'' cock. I can tell he's ready for a blow job and chow right down on it. Carlito knows a good thing when he feels it and starts pushing my head down onto his dick and fucks my throat hard! He pulls his cock out of my mouth and shoots a huge creamy load.

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When Billy visits he has a ''sweatband'' thing going on and you can tell he's been working out when he flexes his body for the camera. He has a little trouble getting it up at first but he jerks his cock till its nice and hard then I move in and do my thing. Soon Billy really gets into it and starts grabbing my head and fucking my mouth. After I bring him close a few times his stomach starts to heave and Billy shoots a nice big load on my face.

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Bonus Billy:

Billy relaxes in my bedroom and shows off his eight-pack as the session begins. He works himself thru his boxers then I grab his cock and lube it up. As the porno flick plays Billy slips on a peter pump and watches his cock grow in the chamber. After pumping it for a while Billy stands at the end of the bed as I service his cock then when I'm out of the room he jerks a load onto his stomach.

Classic Porn!

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Get It Str8 #2

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