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Tony: The Next Level

99 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: My favorite ''Italian Stallion'' (from SPP05 Str8 Loads #3) is back for some new sessions and this time I introduce Tony to ''Mr. Bill''. Remember Tony is 19 years old,6',170 lbs.,and when he's not in jail for bar brawling he's a laborer. In the first scene Tony is a vision in his ''wife-beater'' and boxer briefs and after a little ''stroke-n-blow'' I decide to unzip my pants and take out my cock as I'm kneeling in front of him. Watch his expressions as he sees it for the first time and licks his lips! When I stand up Tony grabs my cock and stroked it then goes right down on it! While Tony's sucking my cock he says ''Is that good? I never did this before…'' He's completely into it now as I deep throat him and dive between his legs and in no time he's having his most intense orgasm ever! After the last spurt though you can tell he's over it and can't wait to leave. Will Tony deal with what happened and return for more? Duh!
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Str8 Loads #5: Buzz

95 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: While at a local auto supply store I met this straight "wanna-be" mechanic when he came outside to test a part for me. He was impressed by my "phat" ride and in no time he agreed to come over and audition for a part in my next picture. Buzz is 21 years old,5'8" tall,145 lbs.,and is French-Italian-plus he's crazy for pussy! When he strips down to his shorts we get to see his collection of tattoos. After Buzz strokes his cock for a while he lets me lube and measure it and when it starts to grow in my hand he seems to be ok with it. I stroke him for a while and when I start to suck him he gets rock hard in my mouth. I go all the way down on Buzz's 7" cock and in no time he's thrusting his hips up off the sofa to get it in deeper. The faster I go the more he's into it and when he tells me he's gonna nut,I lick his throbbing shaft and he shoots a big hot load in my hand,on my face and down my throat. This is one lube job I'm sure he'll never forget.
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Str8 Loads #4: Dante

120 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Back in the bedroom while he stands watching a porn video I lube him up and feel his cock growing in my hand. I figure the time is right so I start to suck him and he gets rock hard. Reclined on the bed,I give Dante a nice long and deep blow job. This Director's Cut includes a never-before-seen session with Vinnie and Dante!
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Str8 Loads #3: Tony

120 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Lady Luck was definitely hitching a ride the day I spotted this ''Italian Stallion'' sitting on a wall having a cigarette,just chillin'. Tony is 19 years old,6 feet tall,170 pounds,and hails from my city's ''Little Italy'' district. He's quite a trouble maker - listen to the stories he tells - but he's definitely one hot dude! Tony's accent,his reactions,the conversation all combine to make this a classic straight guy seduction - and the ultimate Reality Television! Mamma Mia! When Tony comes to visit he's pretty cool with the scene and quickly gets down to his boxer briefs. He starts to stroke his cock through his underwear and when he gets a boner he strips and lubes up. Tony jerks his nice 8'' cock for a while and then he lets go long enough for me to touch it. It doesn't take long for him to get rock hard. With my expert stroking (and his directions on how he likes it!),Tony pretty much forgets about the porno movie playing on the TV. Since I can tell he really likes my ''handiwork'' I decide to throw all caution to the wind and I go right down on him!
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Get It Str8 #2

120 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: When Billy visits he has a ''sweatband'' thing going on and you can tell he's been working out when he flexes his body for the camera. He has a little trouble getting it up at first but he jerks his cock till its nice and hard then I move in and do my thing. Soon Billy really gets into it and starts grabbing my head and fucking my mouth. After I bring him close a few times his stomach starts to heave and Billy shoots a nice big load on my face.
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Get It Str8 #1

110 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: We go directly from the bus station to my apartment and in no time he's ready to rock! He jerks off enthusiastically for a while then I make my move. He loves the way I suck his cock and when I move off camera and whip out my own massive rod I can tell he's ready to meet ''Mr. Bill.'' I make him suck me for a while then when I sit next to him on the sofa we have a little ''beat'' session. Spike blows a huge load all over his chest. Slam! Bam! Thank You! Man!!
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Str8 Loads #2: Cody

96 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: On his second visit Cody's up for a shower and to bust a nut. He's a little more relaxed this time around and he begins to caress my head while I'm blowing him. When he stands up you can see his beautiful bubble butt and prison tattoos. He shoots another "laid back" load on my face.

After a quick shower Cody is relaxed and ready to perform. Vinnie descends upon his cock and works it over good while Cody stares at a video playing off screen and smiles. Cody's hand holds onto Vinnie's head and makes sure he goes all the way down on his Vinnie would refuse to do that! Vinnie sucks harder and harder until Cody pushes his head away and cum oozes from his slit. After it stops flowing Vinnie is there to lick Cody's cock clean.
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