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Shacking Up

Producer's Note: Max Viper made his directorial name by filming gay sex parties in New York City. Now he's trying his hand at filming more intimate, one-on-one encounters between sexy men and women in the Big Apple.
Technical Note: The first session and the deleted scenes all have live sound, however, due to a technical glitch, nearly all of the live audio on the 2nd and 3rd sessions was lost. Since those two sessions make up only a third of the total film and because we thought the action was good even if the sound wasn't, we dubbed in a music track on those sessions only.

Julie and Damien

This personal trainer and her 19-year-old Basque boyfriend are here to show you a glimpse of their adventurous NYC life. They've got a big night planned; dressing up and hitting the town but first they start with a little sex...a blowjob before leaving.

After Julie satisfies her appetite with Damien's first load of the evening, they get all tricked out in their industrial/gothic garb and head out to their waiting limo. Almost as soon as they’re inside, Julie has her hand up Damien's kilt and soon he's going down on her while they tour Time's Square.

Fuck the nightlife…Julie and Damien want to have sex, so it's back to their apartment for an all-night fuck. From foot worship to nipple play and cock sucking to pussy eating, these two do all the preliminaries before finally getting to the main course. Damien's long, hard, uncut cock pounds Julie's pussy relentlessly as they fuck the night away. Damien delivers two more cum-splashing orgasms along the way and Julie is left one fucked and sweaty lady.

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Daphne and Billy

Sorority-Girl Daphne and Fraternity-Boy Billy meet in a hotel room for a little Greek Society Love. Daphne loves Billy's cock and she takes her time to show him just how much by giving him one seriously cock-stiffening blowjob. A little pussy licking from Billy and then he's pumping her hot and hard. Billy finishes up by tittie fucking her and shooting his load all over her tits and face.

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Miss Stacy and Roberto

Miss Stacy is Roberto’s teacher and Roberto is her student…and they're in this hotel room without the Dean's knowledge for a little extracurricular activity. Being the stud that he is, Roberto is into Miss Stacy's blouse faster than you can say ''honor roll!'' Before long, he's demonstrating his skills at cunnilingus and intercourse. Roberto earns high marks in the end by shooting his wad in the teacher's face.

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Deleted Scenes

That all-night fuck that Julie and Damien performed earlier in this film left a lot of footage on the cutting-room floor, but some of it was too good to be thrown away. Watch the interview where we find out how Julie met the man of her dreams. See Damien balance two rubber duckies on his cock. Hear Max Viper instruct the young stud how to eat pussy for a camera and how to screw in camera-friendly positions. Watch the power-fuck that nearly breaks the couch and toppled knickknacks from the dresser. This is ''must see'' bonus material.

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Shacking Up

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