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Frat Boy Does Sorority Girl

66 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: You can tell that Bastien and Cindy love each other, since in this scene it's not just hot sex in dozens of positions…it's passionate LOVE. They kiss with lots of tongue action before Bastien takes off Cindy's bra, causing her generous knockers wobble out. Cindy yanks off Bastien's undies, revealing a throbbing cock in full erection. [more...]
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Katie and Joe: We're In Love

54 Minutes...Live Audio

Excerpt From Full Description: Eighteen year old Katie is a bubbly young lady, full of energy and smiles, especially when she thinks of the fun she's about to have with her boyfriend, Joe. Katie and Joe are in love and they like showing off for an audience. Katie shows us her body then she lays Joe out on the bed and give him one heck of a blowjob. It doesn't take long for him to pop his load in Katie's talented mouth. [more...]
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Kyle Rotten And His Big Bottom Babes

62 Minutes...Live Audio

Excerpt From Full Description: Bella and Kyle don't waste any time shedding their cloths and getting horizontal. You'll find lots of sucking, pussy eating and fucking here--both pussy fucking and butt fucking. Oh, and Bella not the only one getting poked here. Kyle takes a vibrator up the butt too. Bella reaches an undulating climax while Kyle manhandles her clit and Kyle paints Bella's face with his cum then slurps it up in a messy kiss. [more...]
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Homemade Video #1

50 Minutes...Live Audio

Excerpt From Full Description: Lexi and Mick make out on the bed for a bit as he removes her top and licks her pierced nipples. Then she pulls off his pants so she can get at Mick's huge cock. She spins around into a 69 and they both munch out. Mick forces a rubber over his extra-large rod and soon Lexi's literally bouncing up and down on his cock. These two give each other a long passionate fuck before Mick squirts his load all over Lexi's ass. Lexi, as the Colonel puts it, ''got rode hard and put up wet.'' [more...]
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Shacking Up

116 Minutes...Live and Dubbed Audio

Excerpt From Full Description: After Julie satisfies her appetite with Damien's first load of the evening, they get all tricked out in their industrial/gothic garb and head out to their waiting limo. Almost as soon as they’re inside, Julie has her hand up Damien's kilt and soon he's going down on her while they tour Time's Square. [more...]
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