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Producer's Note: Jake’s Casting Couch is a pair of solo videos featuring the men who appear in M2M action on the StriderGuys series. Each video includes six scenes, biographies of the performers, outtakes, a slideshow, and previews of a few of our other StriderGuys an JCC vids.

Skeet’s Screen Test

Skeet begins by talking about a scene he just shot for another video (it appears in StriderGuys #1: Stud Pokers) with Dax (who appears in Jake’s Casting Couch #2: Sportin’ Wood). Dax is his partner in Skeet’s landscaping business. Skeet ran track and cross country in high school and was a swimmer. He talks about how he picks up guys, and what his sexual fantasies are. He tells about his first hookup with a guy, which turned into a very long-term relationship, and he describes himself as a power-bottom. He walks into the bedroom with a shit-eating grin and strips down. Skeet has seven tattoos, on his nipples, both biceps, stomach, his forearm and around his neck, and he sports a variety of unusual hardware items. In short order his 7-inch cock is stiff. Soon his whips off his glasses, throws his head back, and starts pumping and thrusting furiously. Skeet pulls his knees up toward his chest and starts milking his dick. By now his entire body is covered in a thin film of sweat. The scene ends with him reaching for his boxer-briefs to wipe down his sweaty face.

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Luke’s Screen Test

Luke is standing in front of a TV watching a guy on guy video. He gives his dick a grope through his shorts, and decides to go for it. He gets rid of his shoes and socks and pulls his polo shirt over his head. He continues rubbing his crotch while fingering his nipples. Luke slides out of his shorts and starts pistoning his hips in a fucking motion while continuing to watch the guys on screen. He pulls his brief down far enough to get at his dick, and continues working it. He gets his hands on the lube and moans softly as he slathers it over his cock. He jumps on the bed and gets his dick full hard. Next, he lubes up a dildo, pulls his legs up to his chest, and fucks himself. He thrusts the dildo with one hand, pumps his cock with the other, and keeps up a running commentary throughout. It’s not long before he works himself into spewing all over his belly. He keeps up the dildo action after he jets, and finishes by licking up his own cum.

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Slater’s Screen Test

During the interview, Slater talks about a 3-way M2M video he just finished shooting. What he does for fun: he calls it ''dick dancing'' and he’s a pitcher on a softball league. In his spare time he runs a webcam company. He talks about his first time getting off with an ''older guy'' in his mid-twenties. Slater likes to kiss, and tells a story about a late-night swim when he was a teen. Slater knows how to work it: he jumps on the bed fully clothed and begins the second part of the audition by stroking his dick through his jeans and teasing his nipples through his tank top. When he reaches under the shirt for a better grip, we get a first look at his furry chest. As he slides out of the shirt we see that he’s already working up a sweat. He runs both hands over his chest and abs, and pokes one fist into his jeans for a quick grope. He unzips and works his meat roughly through the tighty whities with both hands. When he kicks off the jeans we can see the outline of his mushroom head through the briefs. After giving his biceps a tongue-bath, Slater knots the briefs around his meat as a makeshift cockring. The briefs come off, the lube comes our, and we get good look at Slater’s 8-inches. He uses both hands to massage the lube into his already-swollen rod. He grips the shaft with one hand while polishing the head with his other fist. He wraps his fingers around his balls and slaps his cock against his abs, prolonging the pleasure as long as possible. Slater fingers his hole with both hands and follows by spreading lube over his pecs and pits, throwing his head back and savoring the sensation. Precum is oozing out of his piss-slit, so he slathers some of it on his hand had sucks it in. Four more times he tastes his own juice. When he can’t take it any more, he shoots a sly grin at the camera and squirts a milky load over his shaved pubes and abs. He pumps furiously to milk every last drop of spunk, and throws his head back in exhaustion.

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Tristan and Kyle’s Interview

This segment was taped before the guys got together in a scene that appears in Stud Pokers. Tristan works for a TV network news affiliate, and he’s a former commercial airline pilot. He was a music major in college and spends weekends stripping at a dance club in Fort Lauderdale. Kyle is a multilingual accountant and college student who writes poetry and lyrics, and also dances on the weekends. Both guys are runners and weight lifters. Kyle is attracted to macho men, and Tristan likes redheaded college jocks. Both men talk about how they get guys to notice them. Tristan reveals his oral fantasies and leather fetish—he likes to be flogged. Kyle spills his guts about how he lost his virginity. Tristan tells about his first time with a guy—it involves a naked show and some rimming and cocksucking at a public beach. The guys do a little mutual groping as they talk about what M2M fun they enjoy. Tristan loves kissing and giving and receiving head. Kyle can be much more physical. He talks about a ''combat fuck'' that he has just shot with Skeet (who appears in and earlier segment) for another StriderGuys.

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Tristan’s Screen Test

Tristan is a stripper. He whips off his belt, shoes and socks, while keeping his eye on some cocksucking action on TV. He pulls his shirt out of his jeans and over his head, as he strokes his closely clipped chest. He reaches into his briefs for a little squeeze before shucking off his jeans and shorts. We get a nice view of Tristan’s tight ass as he moves over to the bed to spread out. Using spit for lube, he starts working his dick as he settles back to enjoy the porn. He runs his right hand over his pecs, and strokes his swelling cock with his left. Next he uses both hands to massage his dick, before throwing one arm behind his head, exposing the fur under his arm. Several times he reaches down to take a sample of the precum leaking from his dickhead, and licks it from his fingers. He reaches over for the commercial lube, spreads it thickly over his completely rigid took, and starts stroking more intensely. His pecs and facial muscles tighten, and he jets a thick stream of cum onto his abs. The heavy breathing continues as Tristan scoops up a gob of his own juice for another protein snack.

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Kyle’s Screen Test

Kyle steps out of the show and reaches for a towel. He dries himself off lightly, wraps the towel around him, and walks into the bedroom. The towel comes off as his attention is captured by some heavy fucking action on TV. He bounces backward onto the bed and grabs his dick. He uses both hands alternately to work himself up, occasionally fingering his ass with the other hand. Kyle is really into the porn, and we can see his chest heaving as he strokes. The camera moves from his cock, over his naturally smooth belly and chest, to his face and back again. Kyle clenches his teeth and tenses his chest as he’s getting ready to shoot. He squirts three feet—all over his belly and pecs. After he spews, Kyle points his dick at the cameraman and signals ''cut.''

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