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Producer's Note: This is the first in a monthly series of videos featuring young amateur guys from all over the world. We screen applicants at our website and travel to your town to get you off and get you on tape.

Shower Fuck

Dax and Skeet are partners in their landscaping business. They head upstairs to grab a shower. Dax strips off Skeet’s shirt,and we see that his chest and biceps are nicely tattooed. Skeet pulls off Dax’s tank top and starts chewing on his nipples wile Dax pulls on Skeet’s pierced nipples. Dax throws Skeet on the bed,licks his belly,and feels him up through the legs of his shorts. After the shorts come off,Skeet goes to work on Dax’s eight inch cock. The two guys take their stiff rods into the bathroom,for some cockfighting and tongue action. After a short make-out session,Dax goes down on his knees to suck on Skeet’s seven inches. Lots of hand,tongue,and teeth technique as he chows on Skeet’s cock and balls. When he comes up for air,his dick is rock hard,so Skeet wastes no time taking it in his hungry mouth. He licks his partner’s balls while pumping with one free hand. Meanwhile,Dax is massaging his guy’s asshole. More nipple play and making out,and Dax takes Skeet entire shaft down his throat. Still time for some mutual hand jobs while the water warms up. Once in the shower they explore each others bodies with their hands,and do a lot more kissing. One more cockfight. Skeet rubs his cock on the outside of Dax’s ass,when Dax bends over to pick up the soap. Skeet takes the opportunity to give his buddy’s ass a good rimming. With spit for lube,he rams cock in Dax’s ass and starts pumping bareback. He pulls on Dax’s nipples while he’s fucking him,and then reaches around to stroke his buddy’s dick at the same time. Skeet pulls out and after a little cock to cock jacking,he goes down on Dax’s dick as Dax continues stroking Skeet’s cock. Skeet fucks his partner a second time as Dax slaps his ass in appreciation. After a third fuck,some more nipple chewing and kissing,they step out of the shower and towel each other off.

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Tristan Thomas is a TV news reporter,and Kyle Hardin is an accountant by day. On the weekends he dances at a local club where they met. The guys are sitting on the couch when Tristan reaches over to stroke Kyle’s thighs,and they enjoy an extended kiss. Kyle pulls Tristan’s tee shirt over his head as the hungry kissing continues. Tristan slides his hands under Kyle’s shirt and kneels down to lick his belly,before taking his shirt off. Tristan works Kyle’s chest,neck,pits,and nipples with his tongue,as he drops his own shorts. Kyle spreads out on the couch and is breathing heavily as the oral assault continues. Tristan strokes Kyle through his jeans before pulling them off,and (no underwear!) we get a first look at Kyle’s uncut meat. Kyle reaches inside Tristan’s tighty whities and gives his cock a squeeze before tossing aside the underwear. Now both naked and ready for action,Kyle pumps his own already-stiff cock as he strokes Tristan’s dick,while Tristan continues thrusting his tongue inside Kyle s mouth. He moves south to take Kyle’s balls into his mouth,watching for Kyle’s eager reaction. He tongues the cock shaft teasingly before finally deep throating him,as Kyle pinches his nipples. As Tristan sucks,he runs his hands over Kyle’s chest,and eventually continues licking Kyle’s belly,chest,nipples,pits,and mouth. Kyle has been stroking Tristan’s dick,and Tristan climbs on the couch to feed it to him. Kyle sucks furiously while pumping his own dick. Kyle licks the underside of Tristan’s shaft and balls while jacking him. Tristan bends Kyle over the top of the couch to get at his ass. He uses his hands to spread Kyle s cheeks apart,and rims like a madman while stroking Kyle’s cock from behind. He kneels behind Kyle on the couch to press their bodies together as he rubs his cock into Kyle’s crack. Tristan reaches around for another extended kiss before leading him over to the bed. Kyle,on all fours with a raging hard-on,goes down on Tristan,who reaches over to stroke Kyle’s cock. Now, kneeling upright,Kyle continues stroking Tristan’s dick,as Tristan sucks Kyle. Tristan lubes up and hands Kyle a condom to put on him. Kyle gets on his back,and Tristan applies more lube to his own cock and Kyle’s ass. He thrusts his dick into Kyle’s hole and after a short fuck,Tristan rolls over and wants another taste of Kyle’s cock. Kyle kneels over Tristan’s chest and feeds him his dick,stroking as Tristan sucks. Kyle sits on Tristan’s cock and strokes his own meat while Tristan works his nipples with both hands. Tristan rolls Kyle over on his back and takes his cock into his mouth. He works his way up to Kyle’s mouth for some more tongue action. He fingers Kyle’s ass with one hand while stroking him with the other and Kyle shoot his hot load into Tristan’s mouth. Tristan licks up the cup from Kyle s belly,and rolls over on his back. Kyle climbs on top to suck on his nipples and cock. Kyle gets up on his knees to let Tristan suck his dick,while he plays with Tristan’s chest. Tristan shoots his load on his belly,and Kyle lies down next to him to snuggle.

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Hustler Fucker

Austin approaches a hotel door and knocks. Ryan opens the door and Austin immediately thrusts his tongue into Ryan’s eager mouth. The face-sucking continues as Ryan feels up Austin’s rock-hard abs and Austin squeezes Ryan’s asscheeks. Ryan strips off Austin’s tee shirt and goes to work on his nipples. Austin slides off Ryan’s wife beater and gropes his own cock and Ryan’s chest at the same time. Ryan gets Austin out of his jeans and tongues his cock through the boxer-briefs,while Austin reaches inside Ryan’s jeans to grope his ass. Austin’s dick is already ramrod stiff as Ryan goes down on it. Austin lifts Ryan to his feet and they swap spit. He then drops to his knees to work Ryan’s cock through his jeans. He uses his teeth to open Ryan’s fly and teases Ryan’s cock through his shorts. When he rips off the briefs,Ryan’s dick springs out and Austin sucks like a madman,slurping and deepthroating him. The guys stand for a sensual kiss as their upright cocks contact. Ryan goes down on his buddy again,stroking and deepthroating him,as his own dick oozes precum. Austin skullfucks him royally,and both guys gasp and moan with pleasure. Austin then throws Ryan over the back of a chair and spreads his cheeks for a forceful rimming. Pinned down over the chair,Ryan moans appreciatively as he looks back to Austin’s face buried in his ass. They move to the bed for another blowjob Ryan on Austin and another rimming Austin on Ryan. Austin lays Ryan out on the bed for some full body contact and some tongue action. During the rim job,Ryan offers his cock and Austin greedily sucks it down. He flips Ryan over on his belly and lubes up his ass with spit to get ready to spear him. Ryan braces himself (Austin has a huge cock!) as they exchange another kiss and Austin plugs him. Next,Austin turns Ryan over on his back for a face-to-face fuck. Ryan moans loudly,strokes his own cock and Austin’s chest as Austin rides him. Austin lunges forward,pulls Ryan into a full body bear hug,and thrusts his tongue into Ryan’s mouth as they continue to fuck. This puts Ryan over the edge. He throws his head back and spurts cum all over his belly and chest. Now Austin’s ready,and he asks, ‘’Want it on your cock or your face?’’ Ryan takes Austin’s spunk all over his face,and licks the last of it off Austin’s dick. One last powerful kiss smears cum all over both guys faces.

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Wrestling Fuck

Kyle is an accountant,and Skeet is a skater dude he met at the park. Once they get up to Kyle’s room,there is some question about who’s going to top. Skeet throws Kyle onto the bed in a macho display of strength. Skeet pulls Kyle’s legs over his head and gets him in a scissor lock,but Kyle rolls him over and squirms out of it. Each guy tries unsuccessfully to pin the other. Eventually,Skeet pulls Kyle’s shirt over his head and sucks on his belly. While Skeet is straddling him,Kyle pulls off his shorts and finds that Skeet is naked underneath. Meanwhile,Skeet is working behind his back on Kyle’s fly,and manages at least to get it open. Skeet pins Kyle’s shoulders and kisses him while pulling his jeans the rest of the way off. As Skeet turns around to complete this process,Kyle opens Skeet’s cheeks and sticks his tongue into his hole. Skeet takes the cue and rips off Kyle’s tighty whities to return the favor. Then he pulls Kyle to his chest to force his tongue into Kyle’s appreciative mouth. He straddles Kyle’s chest,holds his arms over his head,and forces his 7 inches into Kyle’s mouth. Kyle breaks loose,and goes back for another taste of Skeet’s manhole. Skeet tries to break away,but Kyle grabs him from behind and thrusts his tongue into his mouth. Now it s Kyle’s turn to pin Skeet’s arms back as the spit swap continues. Next stop: Skeet’s cock. Kyle goes down on it,taking it all down his throat. Skeet takes this opportunity to pull Kyle’s crotch to his face,and they 69. The guys stroke,suck,and rim each other. Next,Skeet kisses Kyle,and sucks on his nipples and pits. Kyle takes Skeet’s dick in his mouth and sucks vigorously,between spit swappings. Skeet throws Kyle on his back,lubes up his cock,and climbs on. Skeet rides Kyle while holding him down and pinching his nipples. As the fuck continues,Kyle pulls Skeet close to his chest for a very sloppy kiss. With Kyle’s dick still in him,Skeet spews cum all over his buddy’s chest,and pins him again for another forceful kiss. The guys chew on each others nipples before Skeet gives Kyle one final blowjob.

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Stud Pokers

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