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White Dudes Sucking Black Dick
The Best Of IronVideo

There is no bull shit in this video. No getting to know the models. No solo scenes. What you get here is over an hour and a half of white guys being total black dick servicers. If you like a diet of meat and potatoes, this is a value for your hard earned dollar. Five scenes with five white guys overwhelmed by five insanely huge black dicks.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

From The First Time I Sucked a Black Cock. When this scene was filmed, Randy was straight and had only done solo scenes. He was a extremely strapped for cash and approached me about doing a hardcore shoot with another man. There were some limits to what Randy agreed to do. He simply wanted to get sucked off, but I got him to agree to suck cock. I had shot the solo scene with Malik a month earlier and his big dick was still on my mind, so I made sure that Randy would remember his first time with another dude by putting him with the biggest cock I could find for him.

When I showed him pics of Malik, he completely freaked out. He told me that he would never be able to suck a dick that big and said his father would kill him if he ever found out he sucked a black mans cock. I told him I understood and would find another guy, but after a week Randy contacted me and said that he could definitely suck Malik off. So when I got these dudes side by side on my couch, they started off jerking off together, but Randy quickly and happily started stroking Malik's black cock. He was a pro cocksucker, sucking off Malik's meat like he hadn't eaten in a day. Randy actually was able to deepthroat the thick dick and kept sucking Malik off as he wiped tears away from his eyes. If you like seeing a white boy on his knees sucking off a black thug, this is the video for you. Malik turns Randy out. We never even talked about where Malik would cum, but before I knew it, he was blowing his milk right on Randy's face and in his mouth! You have to see the look on Randy's face when he tasted cum for the first time!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

From I Can't Stop Sucking Off Black Men. Randy is back for more black dick. He actually lives a pretty straight life, so he's always extra turned on when he knows he is going to be performing oral sex on a guy for the camera. There was a mutual attraction from the start between Randy and Romeo, with Romeo drawn to Randy's small slim build and his smooth milky white skin and Randy turned on by Romeo's big muscles and dark black dick.

As soon as they were both naked Randy started acting like a prostitute, as though it was his job to completely pleasure and satisfy Romeo by massaging his body, kissing his chest, licking his nipples, and sucking his dick. Randy got off having such a big dick to suck off and he struggled to take it all. He layed back and let Romeo climb on top of him and fuck his face, then let Romeo flip him over, spread his ass cheeks to admire his hairless tight ass hole before mounting him and dry humping him as though they were fucking. Romeo held Randy down as he slapped his huge black meat against Randy's puckered white mancunt. Randy ended up on his knees begging Romeo to cum in his mouth. After face fucking him a bit more, Romeo obliged and ejaculated all over Randy's face and mouth. There's nothing like seeing a white boy enjoying being covered with thick rods of spuzz from a black dude. Sometimes guys who live a straight life just can't help themselves.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

From Gigolos Suck Off Black Men. Malik got great response, so I had him back for another video. Once again, I paired him up with a hungry white cocksucker. Peter is a yoga instructor with a beautiful body. In his spare time, he likes to suck off hung black men. His scene starts out with him giving Malik a massage. Peter was in his glory getting to rub down a naked black man, before I knew it he was masturbating Malik's huge black cock and sucking it off like a 5 dollar whore. He totally got off laying back and letting Malik skull fuck his face and hump his gay ass. If you like hot interracial scenes, you can't pass this one up. Peter let Malik ejaculate all over his face, loving getting covered in a black dudes cum load.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

From The First Time I Sucked A Black Cock #2. Both Romeo and Devin had seen each other on video before they actually met in person, and both guys couldn't wait to see each other in the flesh. Devin even tells Romeo that he is a total top and rarely sucks dick. Truth is that when Devin saw Romeo's big black dick and built buff body, he couldn't wait to see what it would be like to suck off a black man.

You can tell Devin doesn't suck a lot of cock, but he gives it his all and totally services his black stud. He massages Romeo's big developed chest, feels up his huge biceps and even kisses Romeo on the lips. Devin gets on his knees and shows off how a white dude can suck big cock. He even shows off his smooth white ass to Romeo, lets Romeo spank him, and rub his black monster on his little pink hole. After getting so much one way service from Devin, Romeo can't take it anymore and busts a huge nut all over Devin's face, pretty much coating him. I know Devin's wife will love watching that. I'm glad it is all documented on camera for her. How could she miss the first time her husband was a total cock sucker for a hung black dude?

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

From The First Time I Sucked Black Cock #3. Since it was James' first time, I wanted to make an impression on him. Not only is Malik's cock over nine inches, he's also one cocky thug. He has a huge muscular build and an aggressive attitude to match. James might romanticize the idea of being a cocksucker, but there was nothing romantic in his encounter with Malik. In fact, James just had to follow orders and do as he was told because Malik had no trouble letting it be known how he likes his dick suckers to act.

Malik sat legs spread while James knelt in front of his monster meat like he was at the alter rail feasting on the holy Eucharist; and just like salvation comes only after following a set of rules, so too does the chance to nourish yourself with Malik's thick white wad. He had to deep throat, suck on a big set of saggy black balls, and stay receptive as Malik grabbed the back of his head and rammed his penis down the back of James' throat. James gained his reward in the end though, as he had the privilege of laying back while he was sprayed with spurt after spurt of semen from a black man. One more under his belt, but the first time James got to mix it up.

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White Dudes Sucking Black Dick
The Best Of IronVideo

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