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I Can't Stop Sucking Off Black Men

In the 1820's, when there were well over 200 known brothels in New York City alone, many of the moralists who sought to curb prostitution pointed to the commonplace of interracial sex and forecasted a bleak future should such sin continue. Reflecting white fears of black sexual supremacy and racial integration, they sought to criminalize prostitution to control the mingling of the races. Fast forward almost 200 years and several wars later, and interracial sex is still somewhat taboo in several circles. The desire is still definitely there though. Most of the white guys I talk to about modeling practically beg to have sex with black guys. It seems as though the hundreds of years that reformers tried to marginalize black men by classifying them as potent and sexually obsessed, has only made the thought of interracial sex all the more erotic. So the next time you watch a video of a big dicked black dude totally dominating and getting off on using a smooth white guy, you can thank the religious right. Without their fear, there probably wouldn't be so much desire today. Randy definitely has a desire for black men, because he confided in me that he thinks about black dicks so much he worries he can't stop sucking off black men.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Romeo is tall, muscular, dark, and hung huge. He is a personal trainer, stripper, and model... so you can say he makes a living by sharing his well built body. I could believe when he told me people mistake him for 50 cent. At 25 years old, he already has a few kids and has only recently started fucking around with guys. This scene starts out with Romeo slowly removing his clothes and showing off his beautiful body. You can tell he loves attention as he takes time to show off his huge biceps and muscular pecs. After a little coaxing, I was able to get him to agree to show off his ass for the camera. You won't want to miss him on all fours exposing his big black bubble butt, spreading his ass cheeks and baring his ass hole while he shakes his rump and makes his booty jiggle like a female stripper. Standing 6'3'' tall and weighing over 200 pounds, there is nothing feminine about Romeo though and that becomes very apparent when he starts to stroke off his big black dick. At 9 inches, it's the kind of tool that can be used like a weapon to really fuck a dude up. For the most part, Romeo is a lover though, and he ends the scene by masturbating and shooting off a huge wadd of thick milky white cum. He's good enough to eat.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Randy is back for more black dick. He actually lives a pretty straight life, so he's always extra turned on when he knows he is going to be performing oral sex on a guy for the camera. This is the 3rd time Randy has sucked cock and he specifically requested a hung black guy. There was a mutual attraction from the start between Randy and Romeo, with Romeo drawn to Randy's small slim build and his smooth milky white skin and Randy turned on by Romeo's big muscles and dark black dick. As soon as they were both naked Randy started acting like a prostitute, as though it was his job to completely pleasure and satisfy Romeo by massaging his body, kissing his chest, licking his nipples, and sucking his dick. Randy got off having such a big dick to suck off and he struggled to take it all. He layed back and let Romeo climb on top of him and fuck his face, then let Romeo flip him over, spread his ass cheeks to admire his hairless tight ass hole before mounting him and dry humping him as though they were fucking. Romeo held Randy down as he slapped his huge black meat against Randy's puckered white mancunt. By this point both of them were getting pretty sweaty and Randy made sure to get a nice whiff of Romeo's crotch while he licked his cum filled balls making sure Romeo would have a nice release. Randy ended up on his knees begging Romeo to cum in his mouth. After face fucking him a bit more, Romeo obliged and ejaculated all over Randy's face and mouth. There's nothing like seeing a white boy enjoying being covered with thick rods of spuzz from a black dude. Sometimes guys who live a straight life just can't help themselves.

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I Can't Stop Sucking Off Black Men

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