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A1 Straight Studs #2

Producer's Note: If you saw our most recent movie release Valentine's Day Orgy Asscre you saw some really great looking Southern guyz playing around in a Group Fuck Party I arranged at a Hotel during a trip down South one night…Some of the Straight Studs in this film wanted to be there, but couldn't join that Fuck Party. These Studs were hot enough and horny enough that I didn't want to miss having them shoot their wads for the camera…Each of these scenes are unique in how they came about and the 'dares' I put the models thru…I hope you enjoy the film…


A ripped buffed Black Muscle God… The physical dimensions of his body are stunning. 6'4 230lbs of solid muscle, with bulging biceps, thick calves, and an impressive 10 X 7 thick hung piece of man-cock. This guy is 100% straight and all man. See him having fun posing in various undergear and g-strings. He works his piece of man-meat hard and fast and blows a huge of wad of his cum juice all over the full length mirror. See his muscle cum drip down as our cameraman plays with the load and describes 'how hot and thick' this load really is… If you're into Muscle and guyz that are proud to show off there Massive Muscle physique's then this stud is for You!!!

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A very hot well built Male Stripper that our cameraman met while cruising some of the local Strip Joints… This stud was really intrigued at the opportunity to do some film work…Great Looking, and proud to show it off, this guys delivers…The scene starts with a brief interview and we see David already getting hard just thinking about being naked in front of the camera. A very unique opportunity happens during the beginning of the scene…Our cameraman dares our Stripper to do the film shoot in the Boardroom of the Hotel that he is staying at…This guy just loves the idea…See our Hot Stud and the cameraman walking thru the Hotel hallways into a 'just recently' vacated Corporate Boardroom where a meeting was just happening…This guy can't what to strip it down and take it off…Within seconds he is disrobing and working the Corporate Boardroom…Strutting his stuff on the massive full length table, reclining chairs, etc…All throughout this segment the entrance to the boardroom was purposely left ajar…You can hear people and Hotel guests coming and going all of which are steps away of catching this Hot Jerk Off scene in progress…This scene turns out to be some of the hottest solo action seen on film to date…As our straight studs says ' The Thrill of Being caught is exciting and keeps me hard'…See a him shoot a massive stream of cum…and see our cameraman challenge our stud to one last dare…'Dave…what about walking back from the Corporate Boardroom to the Hotel room naked?'…The straight stud smiles…See what happens next…This scene not only features a great looking masculine guy, built body, and a hot 8X6 thick cut cock…But also shows off the dangers, thrills, and excitement of public sex and nudity…The thrill of being caught is a great aphrodisiac…come and experience the scene as it truly happened…

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A good looking masculine and brawny Landscaper…Rugged hands, lean and toned physique…who knew what a Sex fiend he really was…This stud was doing the landscaping at the Hotel where I was throwing the 'Valentine's Day Orgy Asscre' fuck party…I saw him in his short cut-offs and muscle tank top… Just looking at him I saw a great body and a Hot Bulging package. It was a hot Florida afternoon and he had streams of sweat pouring off his back and down his chest…I approached him, and after a few minutes of discussion he agreed to doing a solo jerk-off scene for the camera…But with a twist… Tony, brought along his girlfriend and gives her one hell of a Solo show…all in front of the camera…This guy wanted nothing more than to get naked, pull out his big 8x5 uncut cock and show his chick how he loves to play with it…We never see her on camera, although she is what this scene is built on…We hear her egging him on as he jerks off very hard and very intense…She is driving him to ecstasy. He shoots a massive load of Italian cum juice all over himself… He's got a great loaded cock and he is proud to show it off…He takes us into the shower, and lathers up and washes down…He says' Fuck my dick is still hard it never goes down…I never get enuff sex, Could you tell that I need sex everywhere'… It was a great experience for him and he was eager to do it in front of the camera.

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Is a great looking and suave Latin guy that we just couldn't pass up…Meeting up with this guy was really kool…We were at the beach taking a breather from filming and enjoying some of the sun and sand…And we see this good-looking guy walk by…Not so odd, I agree… But what struck us as interesting was that this was a very public beach, with hundreds of people…and he is walking around in a very 'thin g-string thong' and a cock ring… As if to purposely show off his basket… Right there I knew I had a model for the film…We met up at the Hotel later in the day. He was excited about the opportunity to do some Amateur porn… He assured us that although the offer is extremely exciting, he would ' save his cum for our camera and the viewers'… It is well worth the wait… What a load he delivers…Thick bushy hair, smooth body, and hard 7 x 5 uncut piece of straight cock meat…This guy loves women yet the thought of knowing that men would be watching him doing his thing was very enticing…He strokes his cock feverishly in various positions on the bed…Eventually blasting a creamy wad of spunk all over himself…He tastes his own load and says ' now I know why my girlfriend loves my cum…It is very sweet'…Sebastian is great in the shower…He lathers up and washes himself from top to bottom…He's got a great ass and is not shy about showing it off…This was a terrific scene that came about just out of the blue…Enjoy it…We certainly did…

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A1 Straight Studs #2

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