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Valentine's Day Orgy Asscre

Producer's Note: This movie was shot as one scene in its entirety. This film has been minimally edited in an effort to preserve all the great action, text and conversation of the Orgy as it happened. We trust you will enjoy it as much as we did making it for you.

If you read our description about our blockbuster release [Detroit Fuck City] you saw how a great looking college student becomes a sex craved cock whore for a group of men…Valentines Day Orgy Asscre is a great film in that same spirit…

A Hotel orgy that was organized so that hot studs with hard cocks, bubble asses, and great bodies could fuck around in front of the camera…And live out their fantasy about being Amateur Porn Stars for the nite…From the minute the cameras started rolling…you knew that the sex was going to be loud and intense…

The Sex Party starts off with all the guyz showing up at the Hotel room and stripping off immediately…These guyz have been saving up their loadz for days leading up to this sex orgy and they all were going to make sure that their cocks and loads where fully drained…See ripped muscles, 6 pack abs, hot jock bubble butts intertwined with one another as inches and inches of cock are swallowed and gorged upon…Smooth pink assholes and defined muscled butt cheeks are licked and eaten over and over again…Kissing, licking, hard chests and great pecs are all on offer during this Sex Orgy.

One of the Hot Top studs just steals the scene…He is intense…and a Sex Pig Top…See his 6'2 200 pound muscled body…Fuck and stroke his bottom's anal clit…The sex is thrilling and the chemistry between our Hot tattooed muscle stud and his hot masked bottom butt toy is classic…

There is a great side by side fucking segment where 2 bottoms are side by a side on the bed…on their backs…legs wide open and raised…2 tops are pounding each of their asses with force and vigor…While the bottoms are looking at each other and begging for 'it' harder and deeper…The Tops continue to drill butt…and shoot huge jizz loads all over the bottoms chests…

Covered in sweat, cum, and a hard-on's that just won't go down…One of our Muscle Studs says…'Give me a hot smooth ass bottom to fuck any day'…The Sex Party is far from over…and It doesn't stop there…Its just keeps on getting better…You'll hear and see that during our filming of the Sex Party guyz are coming and going…Showing Up, Showing Off, Getting Off and popping loads…

And there is always a hungry cum sucker present to gobble up all the spoils… Kacorot, a local buddy of mine…[] Joins in on the Sex Party…He is a great looking, well built, black muscle stud…See everyone's eyes light up when his huge 11 x 7 inch black cut cock is exposed…The bottoms just drool and can't wait to try to get that massive black meat inside of them…

This film features great looking muscle dudes, joxxx, and body builder type wannabes… The bodies are beautiful… The cocks are hard and plentiful… And the sex is real and authentic. Doing this film was a real treat in more ways than one…You won't want to miss this…I'm glad I didn't…

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Valentine's Day Orgy Asscre

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