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Hookups #7: Rough and Easy

Chase In Charge:

With Chase and Lui Terra. I had a sense that Chase was a little aggressive before I shot this session, but once the camera was rolling Chase was quick to assert his dominance over meek and mild-mannered, Lui Terra. Chase lets Lui know exactly what to do. Take my cock take it all!

As the session progressed, Chase went beyond just words. His grip on Lui's neck in once scene made me wonder if Lui was actually getting hurt, but Lui never complained and after a hot and heavy session with lots of kissing and rimming and butt slapping and cock sucking and deep-throat face fucking, Lui told me ''it was different, but I liked it.'' A short run through the shower ends this heated session.

BTW, I've got Chase scheduled to bottom for a couple of guys this weekend who may be able to meet him on an even playing field, aggression-wise. Keep an eye out for that video coming soon.

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Smooth Moves:

With Mikey and Mario Angel. Well, after that last session, this one is as pleasant as a tropical breeze. Mikey and Mario are both smooth-bodied young men with lithe forms and big cocks. They're all over each other right from the start and soon they're naked and kissing up a storm.

Mario is the first one to suck cock here so you know what that means he's also the one that gets fucked later on. Mario's a great cocksucker but Mikey's not bad either and when Mario's cock grows to it's full 8'' it's more than a mouthful for Mikey.

Ok, on to the fucking Mikey mounts Mario face-to-face to start off, with Mario's legs over Mikey's shoulders. Lots of deep thrusting and heavy breathing here to get you revved up. A quick cut and now Mario's on top--bouncing up and down with Mikey's hard cock. The bed is moving all over the place as these two fuck and then Mario's spurting a king-sized load, with cum flying up over Mikey's head and then painting his face and chest in creamy white jizz. Mikey returns the favor by whacking out a creamy load of his own, all over Mario's chest and abs, then it's off to the shower to scrub away all that sweat and cum.

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There are three ''video Extras'' here for your enjoyment. A short fuck scene that didn't make the cut in Chase and Lui's session, a ''Barrel Roll'' that didn't quite work in Mikey's and Mario's session, and a little but of 2nd camera shower time for Mikey and Mario.

Beyond the 77 minutes of the main film, this video has another 24 minutes of previews for films by AmateurVideoz, Barely Legal Boys, Black Guys Videos, Hung Videos, and, of course, Home Town Guys.

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Hookups #7: Rough and Easy

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