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JackBuddies #16

Producer's Note: It was a great challenge to get Hart to be in a video with another man as he is totally straight he was reluctant to let another guy touch him in any way. So what you see here is one of two sessions where he is in a sexual situation with a same sex partner. His first, in Signature Series - Hart, was where he played with another guy’s cock and got fucked. I outlined what I wanted them to do, and they agreed with a lost of reservations on Hart’s part. But they both did really and Hart even did more than he agreed to do and the ending of this is a real surprise.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

22-year-old Blair starts out in a solo scene by showing you his cock and bending over to spread his hairy butt before he strips totally. Once he is naked, he begins to jack his dick watching a porno. Like most young men, it doesn’t take long to get his mushroom-headed cock hard as a rock and he enjoys posing for you to see him at full mast. He gets in bed and puts on a great Butt Show Showing you his ass on his back, on his knees, on his stomach, spread wide open frot your inspection. He really is a handsome man and although not the most masculine man I have ever shot, he is one of the straightest. His gay for pay work is just that! Anyway, Blair jacks his dick and you get to watch him stroke from a lot of different angles. He closes his eyes to concentrate and is soon pumping a load of thick white cum all over his pubes. I shot a couple of real tight close ups of the goo in his thick dark hair.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Hart is up solo next and strips and looks so handsome standing before you naked showing you every inch of his hot body. He gets hard very fast and poses on a table after bending over to spread his ass. And what a great ass it is. Pure prime man beef, I’d say! I even get to spread it open for you as he bends over, and that makes his dick jump. Watch closely! His posing routine shows you all he’s got in a bunch of interestingly erotic positions. I think he looks best on his knees and on his back, but there’s something for everyone! The shots of his hard dick being pushed down as he’s on his knees are pretty hot also! Again, I spread his butt and even play with his cock! He gets in bed with his hard dick and begins to fuck his butt with a small vibrator. Staying hard, he moves up in size to a larger, longer vibrator. He stays hard as he fucks his butt before pulling the vibrator out and replacing it with a beer bottle. This is some hot stuff, but there’s more coming! After the bottle, Hart takes a huge green cucumber and shoves it where the sun don’t shine. And he must like it, cause he’s rock hard. And this dude is straight!! I get him to try a really big thick butt plug that very few models have been able to do. He can’t take it all, but in the process gets so excited he can’t control cumming and shoots a big load all over himself, even in his eye! And he looks hot with cum streaming down his face!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

It’s time to get the 2 straight guys together and I don’t know what to expect. They start clothed and strip gradually as I get them to hug and they touch each other for the first time. It isn’t Blair’s first time with a guy; he’s practically an old hand after all the duo shoots he’s done for me! And it’s good to have one guy more experienced. Two virgins would really not work! So they play touchy feely and get in the shower to get better acquainted. And what better way to get to know someone than soaping up their hard cock and chowing down on it. And that’s just Blair does, much to Hart’s very apparent surprise and enjoyment! Blair suck Hart’s hard dick, which bounces up and hits him in the face.

After the shower, Hart gets handcuffed with his arms tied to a beam and blindfolded. He cannot see what is happening to him and is at Blair’s (and my) total mercy. Blair moves in and sucks the hard dick for all he’s worth, stopping to lick Hart s huge cum filled balls. Blair goes into a muscle worship mode, which begins sucking Hart’s toes and licking his way slowly up to a waiting hard cock. I guess a good blowjob is a good blowjob no matter who’s giving it! Blair continues his tongue bath licking his way up Hart’s shaved torso around his nipples and into his pits all the while playing with the straight guy’s hard dick. After such a hot tongue bath, Hart is more relaxed as the two guys stand side by side for some cool footage of their hard dicks shot from several angles. They jack their dicks and there’s a little straight bonding that might just be crossing the line! Hart kicks back on the sofa as Blair continues licking and sucking. He seems to really get off on having this guy all to himself! And Hart is relaxed enough to pull his ankles to his ears and let Blair play with his ass! He never misses a beat as he sucks Hart’s hard dick and fingers his ass!

Hart straddles Blair’s handsome face to get ready to cum, but Blair won’t stop sucking! Of course this gets Hart harder and harder and soon he is spraying a hoi tasty load all over Blair s face! Blair still won’t give up and goes down on his straight buddies cum encrusted cock. I was really surprised when Hart lay down on the floor and said now it’s my turn; shoot your load on me! I stayed silent as Blair kneeled across Hart but as totally blown away when he shot his load all over Hart’s handsome face! Two very hot straight guys with two very hot facial cum shots. They play with some tit clamps and hug as the video ends. What will they do to top this?

Classic Porn!

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JackBuddies #16

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