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Signature Series - Hart

Producer's Note: Hart is a real treasure! A straight, gay friendly thoroughly masculine male with a killer body. His hairy chest, perfect dick and ass of death (which is open for business) make him a rare find indeed. His deep voice with its southern accent just sends me over the edge. You can watch him expand his horizons from his first shoot all the way thorough his anal education to graduating getting fucked cum laude in his 3 videos.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Hart is hitch hiking and is not happy with the results. Is it the hot Florida day or his desire to be picked up that make shim shed his clothes? I'm not sure but the more he strips; the more I want to pick him up! From the front or back this is some prime beef and I want it! But before I take him back to the studio, I want to see the goods. Hart obliges in a secluded glen where he strips and jacks his dick. He puts on quite a show rubbing his denim crotch and pulling out his 7'' hard dick. He even shows me his butt raising his legs high in the air and spreading his cheeks! I'm impressed and agree to take him back to the studio for a shoot. Couldn't let this one get away.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

In the studio, Hart is still hard as he tries on some different costumes: sleeveless shirts that show his biceps and pits, tight jeans the accent his bubble butt and bulging crotch. He is a very agreeable model and does everything he is asked to do. But the fun is just beginning! I get him to show his butt as much as I can and he seems to get off on the exhibitionism! What a find this guy is! In a football jersey holding a football and his hard dick he's an NFL dream! Naked on a table he shows every inch of everything he s got: a great sexy hair pattern, hard dick, firm ass, and a deep southern voice that made me melt! He's down on all fours showing his butt (in great close ups!!) and cock, then he's back on his side to jack his dick and shoot his thick white creamy load all over his hairy belly! Yum, yum! After posing with his load on his belly, Hart calls it quits for the first day.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Session two begins with him as a construction worker with a hardhat and hard dick. He looks too sexy to just model, so he starts admiring himself in the big mirror in the studio. He kisses his reflection and jacks his dick. It's great to see two Harts, both hot, hard and sexy! He jacks his dick and shoots a huge load on the glass, kneeling down to lick it all up! A straight guy who eats cum! Wow! And then talks about it! I am floored. I try to recover while he takes a hot shower. I can't watch it's too fuckin hot watching him lather up his chest and pits, rolling his balls around, sliding his hand up and down his ass crack. It's a wonder the lens didn't fog up! He dries off, again offering some great butt shots.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Hart is naked in bed and talks about his last shoot and agrees to experiment with his butt and some toys. Getting his dick hard only takes a minute and he begins to finger his butt. His curiosity is aroused (so is his dick) as he slides a butt plug deep into his virgin ass. Jacking his dick, he gets used to the plug and moves on to a small gold vibrator! He stays hard but wants something bigger. I hand him a larger black vibrator and he's all about it! Shoving the invader up his butt, jacking his dick gets him all worked up. Can he take more? He wants to try, so I give him a bigger white vibrator, which makes him want to fuck his ass as he jacks his dick. I am almost in coronary shock as he sticks it deeper and deeper in his butt. He's still game, so after showing us how deep the vibrator was, he grabs the infamous beer bottle and makes the neck disappear! He jacks his ever-hard dick and fucks his butt. This has to be the end! But, no, he wants a cucumber! Watching this straight stud fuck himself with a cucumber is something you will never forget, it's hot as can be! But not as hot as him riding a dildo, which is exactly what, he does to finish himself off! He's rock hard as he sits on the dildo front wards and back wards and rides it before shooting. This is some of the hottest footage I have ever seen, let alone shot! He lets the cum fly and it goes all over the place. He's in no hurry to get off the dildo and leisurely shows you the cum on the end of his dick in a tight close up. In a little verbal session, he talks about what he's juts done!

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Hart is naked and sucking on a dildo, could this be a prelude to some hot action? Why, yes it could and is! He wants to get fucked. So, he gets up on the table on his side and loose his anal cherry! His dick is hard as he takes it on his side before sitting on it, riding it and coming while he's getting fucked!! Too much, too hot!

Classic Porn!

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Signature Series - Hart

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