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Signature Series: Dylan

Scene 1:

Dylan is a perfect guy-next-door. He is 5 8, 145 pounds and his nickname is Chuckles. That gives you an idea of his sunny, fun personality! I think he sowed a lot of wild oats when he was a teen, but he has calmed down a lot by 22! He is good friends with Michael Nolan; in fact they were once roommates. I might add they had live-in girl friends at the apartment. Dylan needed some cash, and Michael brought him to me. In Dylan s audition shoot, he is trying to be cool but is extremely nervous. In fact, half way through, his legs are shaking so much I check the camera for stability! The difference between his first and second shoot are marked.

Starting with his audition, we meet Dylan. Dressed casually in tee shirt and shorts, he sits on a stool and tries to be nonchalant as I interview him. We learn about his likes and dislikes and then start to talk about sex. He s straight and is somewhat limited in experience. He has a believable quality and an earnestness that intrigues me.

After the interview, I direct him through the removal of his clothes. At this point I never know how the model will react to my directions and requests so it is a nervous time for me, too! But Dylan does well complying with me orders. We soon see his hairless chest with one tattoo. When he drops his pants, I am disappointed to see his pubes are shaved. Why straight boys do that I will never understand! He bends over and spreads his ass as told, so we are going to do just fine!

Dylan gets in bed and I talk him through a Gemini Butt Show where we get to see him in some come-fuck-me positions: legs, up, doggy, on his stomach, etc. and it is quite inspiring. Definitely fantasy inspiring! We see his hole is pink and pretty and he spreads it eagerly. Holding his legs up makes him shake and it s pretty cute! His balls are a nice size and hang in a pretty loose sack. He gets his cock hard and shows it to us and stands by the big studio mirror so we see it from several views. Things are getting harder!

When he gets back in bed, I decide to make them even hotter by asking him to start rubbing his tight hole. Soon he has a finger deep in his butt and to his surprise, his cock is still hard! When I hand him a small butt plug, he slides it deep in his ass without hesitation. But he takes it out after a few minutes and positions and starts working on his cock with dedication.

After some really serious jacking, he is having trouble getting off, so I decide to help him. I am, after all, a very helpful guy! He is covered with sweat as I move in a slide first one and then two fingers deep in his butt. The digital stimulation seems to help, so I slide a big glass butt plug in his pulsating ass.

It does the trick and he shoots a nice load on his smooth belly. It seems his orgasm was pretty intense as it takes him a few minutes to recover before he stands up so we can see his whole body.

Dylan takes a long hot shower as we watch the water run all over his young sexy body.

Scene 2:

I didn t see him for a few months and then he came back over with Michael. He is much more relaxed and knows what to expect: something (s) up his butt! He walks in the family room strips and gets comfortable on the sofa. He sets up a video player so he can watch some porn as he jacks off. Working on his dick seems to make his ass hungry and he starts fingering it.

Dylan has some toys to play with and he starts small with a butt plug which is soon replaced with a glass probe. He works his way through the toy box on his back and on his knees. He fucks himself with vibrators, plugs and a beer bottle. He moves to the floor to give him room enough to spread his legs as wide as he can.

Once he tires of the zucchini, Dylan uses a zucchini to fuck his tight little hole. No longer a virgin, he eagerly enjoys the anal invasion. Moving back to the sofa, Dylan shoots another prime load with the zucchini deep in his butt. That he enjoyed this shoot with all the toys and anal stimulation is obvious as you can t fake his enthusiasm!

Scene 3:

Two weeks later and Dylan is ready to get fucked for real. It will also be the first time he has sucked a cock. He is already naked and a bit nervous. We use some toys to loosen him up and get him ready. He looks hot with a leather blindfold on and a big red butt plug in his tight butt as I jet his hard dick! But soon he has his lips wrapped around a cock and is slipping and sliding on it. He licks and sucks like a pro! It s a good start but we move on to the main event. Lying on his side, Dylan gets fucked in long shots so you can see his face as he looses his cherry, and in tight close ups so you can see his ass swallow cock. He gets fucked on his back before he rides my cock until he shoots a load three feet in the air with his hard dick showing you how far he has come in four short months!

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Signature Series: Dylan

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