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Signature Series: Johnnie Vigo

Johnnie was introduced to me by Michael Nolan; they have been friends for awhile. He is an 18 year old hottie that will appeal to fans of young hard bodied men. He is about 5'7 and weighs about 125. He has an adorable way about him and uses his big dark eyes to flirt unconscientiously. And while we are talking big, wait until you see what's in his pants! Mamma Mia. Yes, he is Italian and in all the right places, too! We get lots of close ups of his thick cock and tight pink asshole in the 2 ½ hours of this video. Fans of frottage will love this video as that is the only way Johnnie can get off!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

We start with an interview where we find that Johnnie is 18 and from Michigan. He admits to being a bit nervous but seems to warm up as we progress. We hear how he lost his virginity and about the girl who fingered his ass for the first time. After the interview, whose main purpose is to help the model relax, we coach him through a slow stripping session. We see his smooth tight chest first and the camera follows his slight pleasure trail as it disappears into his waistband.

Next he drops his pants and we are treated to the sights of his furry Italian legs that contrast with his hairless upper body. We also see the thick piece of meat he's packing and I have to wonder how big it gets! It's already pretty impressive! And when he turns around and drops his pants over his smooth creamy white buns I know this is going to be fun! He poses in his boxers with his cock poking through the fly as he flexes and basically does whatever I ask! So I sneak in another look at his tight ass as he spreads it!

I coach him through some posing shoots in a thong, naked and cut offs and sleeveless tee which show his body to great advantage. Since he is so comfortable showing his ass (and his girl already fingered it) I know he's going to get to the toys, so I tell him how to flex his sphincter. A little bit of ''tighten and release'' therapy can make a big difference!

Johnnie gets in bed naked, of course, and I talk him through a Gemini Butt Show. He grins when I tell him he has a pretty ass hole and accepts it graciously! He even looks right into the camera and says, ''fuck my ass!'' We see him on his back with his legs up and on his knees doggy style looking like he s going to get fucked.

Now its time to get off and he starts working on his cock with some baby oil. The results are breath-taking! What a huge cock! He jerks off in bed a bit and then stands up for some more hand-action and we can see just what he's working with! He straddles the camera as we look up at his thick dick and then into his spread ass crack. He puts on a little show and then gets back in bed where things heat up.

Johnnie starts fingering his ass as he works on his cock. After he makes his index finger disappear, I toss him a butt plug and he slides it deep in his ass. He poses with the plug on his back and on his knees doggy style. I even get to fuck him with the plug and then finger his ass! He goes back to working on his huge cock. While he jacks off with both hands, I sneak a finger up his butt and when he doesn't miss a stroke, I replace my finger with the butt plug. I think he likes this more than he expected to and he has to process that information.

I give him a pocket pussy to jack off while he has the plug in his ass and he seems to like that. But he doesn't cum! He jacks and jacks and then I find out why: he is into frottage! This is a new problem for me: how to shoot this so we can see him rubbing his cock against a textured surface. He tries a cotton tee shirt and then a wash cloth. But he still can't get off. Taking matters in hand, he flips over on his stomach and literally fucks the sheets! Watching his creamy ass rise and fall as his hips move seductively soon makes him shoot a very big, very thick, very white load all over his hand and the bed. He eats his own cum off his fingers and kicks back to relax. A few words about the shoot and he's off to the shower.

Johnnie has earned a little relaxation and a hot shower is just the thing! Watching his soapy hands travel all over his lithe and muscular body working their way into all the nooks and crannies may be relaxing for him but not us!
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

A few days later and Johnnie is back. He has decided to take another step and try playing with some ass toys. From the old girl friend who fingered his butt to the little bit of butt play in his first shoot was his first step and now he's going even further. After dropping his ripped jeans and showing us his hole, he gets in bed naked and tells you what he's going to go. He gets hard and man, his cock looks even bigger today! He is more relaxed and ready for anything! I can't resist grabbing his cock and jerking it a bit. Kicking back with his hands behind his head he just enjoys it.

He greases a finger and slides it in his waiting ass. After he is able to take his whole finger, I hand him the small butt plug. He inserts it in his butt and jacks his dick. When he gets on his knees doggy style you can see the pleasure in his face as he works his cock. Flipping over on his back he de-plugs, shows us his hole and spreads it for my finger.

Next is the small vibrator which he takes on his back and doggy style. I fuck his ass with it before he lies down and spreads his butt for your inspection! He fucks his ass with the glass dildo and then spreads his just fucked hole for us in a tight close up. I hand him a much larger vibrator and he is skeptical and a little afraid, but he lubes the toy and tries it. It slides slowly in his ass about 5 inches. He looks uncomfortable so I ask him to pull it out and give him the beer bottle. He takes it slowly and works it deep into his ass. For a first timer he does really well and next is the cool zucchini to soothe his stretched almost virgin ass.

Johnnie concentrates and takes almost all of the zucchini. In fact he has it so deep in his tight butt that it stays in place hands-free when he has his legs in the air and on his knees doggy style! He even walks around with his new friend and poses standing up before getting back in bed to remove it hands free! Next is a glass butt plug which lets us see how dilated his ass really is! After giving us a good look, he removes the glass plug in a tight close up and inserts the bigger red one with a little difficulty. But he succeeds and poses ''plugged-in'' on his back, on his knees and standing up.

He wants to get off and we know how he likes to do it, so he starts humping the bed with the big red plug in his butt. After fucking the sheets a bit, he removes the plug so he can concentrate on his cock. He fucks the sheets and his cock looks like a snake peeking out from under his tight body. He shoots all over his hands and eats his own load.

In a short bonus clip we see Johnnie suck cock for the very first time and hear his honest reaction to it!
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Signature Series: Johnnie Vigo

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