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Signature Series: Michael Nolan

What a cute kid! Almost 19, he has a natural friendly attitude and is just a pleasure to be around which comes across in this two and a half hour video. His cum shots are amazing and you see all of this handsome young man in long shots and tight close ups. Don't miss this one!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

I met Michael after he had been stranded at the beach attempting to walk home which was about 20 miles! Wearing a pair of board shorts he looked tanned, fit, sexy and eager for a ride. Of course I gave him a business card and had about a half hour to convince him to come in for a shoot. He called the next day and came in for the shoot which is the first scene in this video. Wearing the same board shorts and a tee, we start with an interview where we learn he is 18, 5' 8 and a musician. Then we talk about sex: he is straight and has been sexually active from a young age! He is so relaxed and animated that I just let the camera roll as he talks and laughs.

He stands up and I direct him on his posing and stripping. And the more he takes off the hotter he looks! The camera zooms in on his chest, arm pits and pleasure trail and he notice he has a killer tan line. He gives us a teasing look at his nude body before we start a costume shoot to ease him into the whole naked trip. At one point he asks if he's going to be on a cover of a gay magazine. He would make a great cover, but I'm shooting video! And he didn't ask about being on a gay website! He seems to have given a lot of thought into being done in the butt, and I really can't tell if he's for or against it! Me think he doth protest too much.

Michael puts on quite a costume show which teases us as he flexes, strips and shows off. The conversation is light and joking with a lot of references (from him) about butt sex. When he finally is totally naked he is very relaxed and sexy as all get out. I walk him through his first butt show which is short. He is worried about how small his cock looks, and I am amazed at how hairy his legs and ass are! After a short break Michael is in bed wearing nothing but a pair of jeans. I walk him through a more thorough butt show and the results are hot! After seeing him on his back with his legs up, on his knees and stomach spreading his cheeks it is time to get busy. He applies a thin coat of baby oil on his tanned chest and starts working his way down to his cock and balls. It's no surprise that his 18 year old dick responds quickly and gets rock hard. Michael is definitely a grower; he measures over seven inches!

As he jacks off the camera glides over his body zooming in for close ups of his cock and balls which have pulled tightly against his body. When I give him the go-ahead he shoots all the way up his chest and he is covered in thick, white cum. He stands up and we see his load dripping down his chest and his balls are hanging low! So I ask him to do a third butt show! In closing he sits up and tells us about the shoot before heading for the showers.

Michael takes a long hot shower and we get to watch as the water runs all over his sexy body into all the crevices and interesting nooks it can find. After a relaxing in the hot water he dries off and throws us a smile.
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Two weeks later Michael is back in the studio. He has reluctantly tried some toys and found out that they weren't so bad! He is much more relaxed and we start out with a butt show while he is still dressed. And I have to say he has a very sexy untrimmed ass! He gets naked on the sofa and oils his chest and arms. I put on a video and his hands work their way down to his cock. It quickly stiffens. He jacks his dick on his back and standing up. We see some tight close ups and some unusual angles before he settles down in bed.

Michael lubes his finger and slides it into his ass while jacking his hard cock. His finger is replaced with a flesh colored butt plug. He keeps jacking his dick and getting used to having his ass invaded. He replaces the plug with a vibrator which he says is too big, yet is almost disappears! And he keeps working his cock! He flips over on his knees so we can see him getting fucked doggy style. His ass is so tight it won't stay in when he lets go, and he wants to get off. So I suggest he try something that will stay in place and leave both hands free for other things.

With his hard cock in one hand, he grabs a zucchini and slowly sticks it in his ass. It almost disappears as he jacks his dick and gets hornier and hornier! He lets the zucchini slide out and is amazed at how much of it he took. Next is the big red butt plug. Michael slowly pushes it deep into his ass and holds his legs up before flipping over on his knees doggy style.

Now it is time to get serious and so he grabs the lube and his cock and gets busy. After he gets used to the plug he is more worried about getting a good video and asks a lot of good questions about what he should be doing. But his intense feelings take over and all he is thinking about is getting off. And after some more intense jacking he shoots thick streams of white cum up his tanned chest. He is exhausted and drained but he tells us just what it was like and how good his orgasm was. He pulls the plug out in a tight close up and then fingers his new and improved butt. Michael heads for the shower for a little RandR.
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Signature Series: Michael Nolan

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