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Austin: Then and Now

I have known Austin for a long time and have enjoyed seeing him go from a cute lanky kid to a buff muscled stud. Adult Video News called him a stud pup when they reviewed his Signature Series video and a lot of fans agreed! This video documents his progression and it is hot! Over two hours of the hot blonde showing him as a 23 year old sexy boy next door, morphing into a hot man.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

In the studio Austin goes through a costume shoot which we often do to help the model relax. And it gives us the chance to see them in a variety of situations that might fuel our fantasies and get a good look at their hot bodies! It is obvious he loves the camera and it loves him. As he changes clothes we get to see different parts of his body exposed and I think sometimes the suggested is sexier than the revealed. But here we get both! He starts rubbing his cock through the worn denim and soon the head of his dick is peaking out a strategically placed hole. He looks beautiful and sexy as he poses and we joke; he is getting very relaxed. His cock starts to stiffen as he relaxes and he can't resist playing with his favorite friend. He ends by bending over and showing you how big his cock is.

Austin is back and shirtless. His hair isn't as blonde as this was shot in the winter, but he's just as cute! He quickly gets naked and I shoot him with each of the toys he has played with. After finishing this short ''promo'' shoot, Austin lies down and is ready for some play time. He starts fingering his ass and soon his two fingers deep in his butt. His first toy of the day is a vibrator which almost disappears while he jacks his dick. He works his way through a bigger vibrator, a beer bottle, and a big lifelike latex dildo which he has hard time with. He tones it down a bit to an anal probe and fucks his butt as he jacks his 8'' cock.

Next we see Austin blind-folded standing with the anal probe dangling between his legs and nipple clamps. He bends over and fucks his butt some more. Austin jacks off on the big mirror in the studio and shoots his load all over the glass. He licks his own stuff off the mirror tasting it for the very first time! Austin ends this shoot with some casual lounging on the sofa. I hand him a large latex cock and he panics, but I say it's not for his ass, but for his mouth. He tongues the realistic cock and tries sucking on it.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

A few days later Austin did a shoot with his friend Enrique which is available as JackBuddies #11. But after the shoot, they both suck off the camera man just for the hell of it. This footage was never intended for commercial release, but it is so hot watching both of them suck and kiss that I decided to include it in this video! And by the way, it was fantastic head!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Three years later and Austin is back and all grown up! The hot, lanky young kid is now a beefy built stud! We decide to do another costume shoot for some more current pictures. Austin looks great in everything and even better in nothing! The Florida sun has given him a great upper body tan, but it has also given him heat bumps on his ass. But just as I wouldn't kick him out of bed for the preverbal crackers, I won't stop shooting his ass for a few pimples! But he looks hot and we are both pleased with the results. Austin stretches out on the sofa and starts playing with his cock and it responds quickly. He is totally relaxed and looks good jacking off. Close ups of his hard cock show just what a huge dick he has! He shoots a health thick load all the way up his chest and then stands up to show you how far he shot.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

A few days later Austin is back in the studio for his first toy shoot in 3 years. He is tanned and buff and relaxes with a beer. We talk a bit about him coming back, how old he is now (26) and just generally catch up. I also ask him about his girlfriend and that leads to a question about a girl fucking him with a strap-on.

He slowly reveals his body and it gets better and better as he does. Front and back we see it all in a very erotic fashion. I am intrigued with his totally blond hair; even his body hair is so blonde it is almost invisible! At last he is naked and what a site! We see him from all angles and he even gets his legs in the air for some hot come-fuck-me shots. He flexes his sphincter in some tight close ups and then we get him in bed. Since he is in bed, I talk him through a thorough Gemini Butt Show and he just gets hotter and hotter. I don't know which position make him look more desirable and fuckable. After a long look at Austin's hole in a variety of positions, he gets comfortable in bed and starts working on his cock. He gets hard almost at once and starts playing with his tight butt. He applies some lube and works his finger as deep as he can. His cock gets rock hard as he fingers his butt. Soon, very soon, he is ready fro his first toy: a small butt plug. After getting used to the toy, Austin poses with his legs up and then slides a vibrator in his ass as he jacks his dick. After fucking himself missionary style, he flips over on his knees for some doggy style action. I can't resist fucking his ass with the vibrator as he moans.

Next is a bigger vibrator which goes in very deep as he jacks his hard cock. After he's been fucked a bit, he spreads his just fucked hole for your inspection before taking on a big red butt plug. He has to strain to get it in, but he does and then he can relax and play with his cock. He gets on his knees and sure looks good! He stands up and shows you how the plug stays put as he moves around. He de-plugs in a tight close up that shows his ass slamming shut and then shows you his just fucked hole and the toy that fucked him. Before he can go any further, Austin decides to try an anal de-sensitizer and he lets us watch the process. He fumbles with the child proof cap (duh!!) and is really cute figuring it out! But he does and he applies it to his ass and then shoves a fresh zucchini deep in his butt. After all the other toys, the zucchini goes in pretty easy and very deep. He stays rock hard as he gets his legs up and gets into a doggy position on his knees.

He jacks his cock with the zucchini deep in his ass. I ask him if he's close and he says no. I suggest he try to take the zucchini deeper. He does and it makes him cum almost at once; I guess he hit his prostate! He is genuinely surprised at how spontaneously he came and how intense his orgasm was. After some close up footage of his cum covered belly and cock, he shoots the zucchini out, hands free! He stands up as his load drips down his tanned torso and tries dome nipple clamps on. Austin gets in the shower and relaxes as the hot water runs down his exhausted body. His hands leisurely explore every inch of his tanned and muscular body and we watch as he caresses his balls and fondles his cock. He puts on a good show and we get to watch! Oh, yes he does drop the soap.

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Austin: Then and Now

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