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JackBuddies #11

Producer's Note: Austin is a hot straight guy who looks a lot like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. He has never had a sexual experience with another guy, but since he does have a bi friend, Enrique, the possibility exists. These two are equally matched and both explode sexually on the screen. They both give as good as they get and the viewer sees and hears it all from their personal comments to the producer's stage directions. It is like you are in the room with Austin and Enrique as they explore each other and fuck each other's brains out. Great close ups of their hot young bodies and penetration shots make this a must have video!! Filmed during a torrential Florida thunderstorm, this video will be a favorite in your collection!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Austin and Enrique set the stage individually in a short monologue before they get right to it. Stripped naked, Enrique gives the strung up Austin a hot tongue bath licking every inch of the lean hot blonde's body working his way down to the 8 plus inch cock. This he relishes and really treats the long hard dick like an icon, swallowing every delicious inch. He goes for the balls in an oral move that sends Austin over the top! Austin return the oral favor even eating his friend's armpits and also working his way down to the fat Puerto Rican dick. He may be new at this, but he learns real fast!

Once they get in bed, Enrique swallows Austin's entire dick while he fingers his virgin ass. Austin isn't used to another guy near his butt, but takes to it well enough to ask for a vibrator, which Enrique inserts with great pleasure. Austin stays hard while getting vibrator fucked (all the way) and sucked at the same time. In revenge he crams his 8 incher down Enrique's throat and throat fucks him. Now even, they get into a 69 position and suck on each other. Side by side in bed they have a sword fight with their hard dicks and even kiss each other! Two straight guys kissing are really hot! Enrique sucks Austin some more before sliding a condom on Austin's hard member and sitting all the way down on it. Austin makes Enrique beg for it and wraps his arms tighter and tighter around the impaled Latino.

After the fuck, Austin and Enrique are chilling playing with their hard dicks. You will not believe how big Austin's dick is! Austin bets Enrique he cannot deep throat his hard dick, but if he can Austin agrees to sit on Enrique's cock! A contest is on and Enrique is made to take the whole huge dick not once but twice! And true to his word, Austin sits on Enrique's dick. There is a funny moment when Austin jumps off the dick realizing there is no rubber on! He has more than a little trouble sitting on it; after all it's his first time! He sits on it frontward and backwards, tries it laying flat spread eagle, before getting his legs up in the air. He asks Enrique to fuck the hell out of him and Enrique obliges. Austin's feet bounce in the air as Enrique pounds his virgin butt. Austin finger fucks Enrique who was supposed to shoot on the blonde s face. But Austin takes matters in his own hands and wants to taste his buddy's load. So Enrique shoots in Austin's waiting mouth who even sucks the cum covered dick for more of a treat!! Austin must have forgotten he's straight as he begs Enrique to give it to him as he cums! Austin then jacks off on Enrique's upturned face.

The men get all wet in the shower and suck each other as they kiss and explore each other.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

In their second shoot, they start out naked, cuddling and kissing. It's hot! They get in bed and show their hot assholes before they start jacking each other off. Enrique is the first to suck and he tries to get the ball on his pierced tongue in the piss slit of Austin's hard dick before he deep throats his dog. Austin sucks him and is really getting into it; can it be we have a new convert? His dick is rock hard as his buddies cock pumps in and out of his waiting mouth. Not to be out down, he deep throats Enrique's hard cock.

Enrique wants to get fucked, but thinks he better warm up with a toy, so ever accommodating Austin fucks his tight butt with a small vibrator. Sucking his cock and balls as he fucks him, Austin works up to bigger and bigger toys: vibrators and cucumbers all the while whispering little words of encouragement! Always one to try new things, Austin wants the toys and even shoves Enrique hand and a long vibrator impatiently up his ass! Then he has to try the cucumber, which really requires some effort on his part..And no gain no pain!

Austin gets Enrique flat on his back with his legs up and sinks his huge dick in all the way! It takes some effort to get it all it, but it's worth is and is incredibly hot to watch! Bonus for us! Fucking his friend hot and hard is something he never expected to do, but he likes it a lot! He has a very sensuous way of fucking moving his hips in a very erotic thrust that shows how much each guy is enjoying the performance! Austin gets fucked on his back, legs spread wide, and gets slammed on his knees before taking a huge load of hot cum on his face! And this time, Enrique also gets a face full of hot jizz!

Classic Porn!

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JackBuddies #11

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