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Big Apple Screen Tests

The sessions on this film were once part of a film called ''Self Suck Screen Tests,'' but since that film has been withdrawn, we decided to re-release these hot solo test sessions in a film of its own. Enjoy!


The first hot stud to screen test with us is James; a furry, horny little fucker who throws a boner in 2 seconds flat…then he throws his legs in the air, trying to get his cock into his own mouth. He doesn't quite make it, but he does stroke that hard cock until he sprays a steaming load of jizz all over his face.

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This is the shaved and muscled-up Brazilian Marine you saw in Sin #6: Psycho Sex Pigs. We find him pumping iron as the session starts, but soon he's pumping his hard meat instead; and that's a much more exciting workout. He strokes his cock through his pants before stripping them off to reveal his tattooed body and a mouthwatering column of flesh. Next he throws his legs in the air and jacks his large, uncut cock, pointing it toward his face and his wide-open mouth. Joey's body is just too muscle-bound to bend into a pretzel, but he blows a nice load on his chest before hitting the shower to rinse off.

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This manly military stud saunters into the flat, lights up a cigarette and starts feeling himself up while flipping through some porno mags. When he frees his cock from inside his cammo pants, it's hard and ready for action. Matt keeps on puffin’ and jackin’ as he fantasizes about the sexy chick-pics in the magazine. When the action moves to the bed, Matt lights up another cig and works his cock even harder. Matt does the legs in the air bit, and he comes SOOO close to getting a taste of his own meat…but not quite. A face full of his own cream is a finger-licking good reward though.

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This over-sexed stud looks like he just walked in from a Central American Liberation Army. He's bearded and muscled and way too sexy for words. Before you can say ''lick your cock,'' he is doing just that. He licks his cock head and wraps his lips around it like it's a Popsicle. Raul pulls up his foreskin and licks inside of that, too. He then taunts the cameraman, pounds his huge uncut cock like a madman, and licks juicy pre-cum off his fingertips. His meat beating reaches a crescendo and he blasts a loud and powerful load of cum from his foreskinned cock that flies everywhere.

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This Italian Stallion wastes no time in lighting up a smoke and flipping through a porno mag in his search for excitement. Tony's briefs are packed to overflowing and soon he has to let his meat out or risk ripping is underwear. Naked now, Tony lies back on the bed and strokes his thick sausage while diddling with his furry ass, putting his hairy hole on display for us to drool over. Even with a cock as big as Tony's, he's not able to get it in his mouth…but he does shoot his wad all over his face and chest, covering himself in a gooey sticky mess.

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Tony Keeps On Going:

Tony is still horny after his J/O session, so he grabs a couple of dildos and starts to work over his ass. He pumps his butt on the bed and on the floor; thrusting a big fat dildo in and out of his ass and mouth as he jacks his cock. All the while, he tells us what a sex pig he is; how he wants to be used and humiliated. He ends the session belly-down on the floor licking the cameraman's feet and humping the hardwood until he squirts his wad without even touching his cock.

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Big Apple Screen Tests

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