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Sin #6: Psycho Sex Pigs

Leader Of The Pack:Max Viper is at it again! Just a few days ago he put together another hot sex party and invited NYC's horniest sex pigs to get naked and get fucked. The location is always changing…and always secret, but this turn of the century hotel room is the perfect place for these sex-starved nymphos. I count six hard-up horn-dogs this time and the ''leader'' of the pack is Joey, a pumped up, shaved-bald Marine from Brazil with a 9.5'' cock. In no time at all his admirers are flocking to his body likes moths to a flame. The rest of the players in this game include a studly black man, three smooth white boys and a furry white fucker with a mask. So, are you ready? Let's go! porn videos
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Heavy Petting:The action starts with a lot of feeling, kissing and ripping off of clothes and then moves into group sucking…with Joey the center of the group. Everyone wants a piece of Joey's thick, uncut cock and I can't blame them. The black guy does an expert job of polishing Joey's knob, but gives that up so one of the white boys can suck his dark meat instead. Joey moves to another hungry cock sucker, though, so don't worry. Back on the bed, the black stud is now chewing the nipples of his cock sucker while the furry man is getting his nuts and ass licked by the last dude with any clothes on. porn videos
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Six Sexy Men:The three duos shift again and form a duo and a four-way. The black guy and a white guy lick Joey's cock together; sharing his abundant meat while one of the white guys feels up the black man's smooth ass. Seeking a change, Joey breaks away from his boy-toys and sinks his cock deep into the furry man's masked face. The guy who had been sucking the furry man's cock seems a little jealous, so Joey lets him suck his hard Brazilian pole, too. The group briefly comes together into one interconnected six-way and boy, is it hot to watch. porn videos
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Bottoms Up:The black stud is the first to get a cock up his ass when the furry masked man sinks his pole deep into the black guy’s butt while all the other guys stand around watching and stroking their hard poles; as if waiting for their turns at bat. But Joey can't wait, so he takes the guy next to him, bends him over the bed and fucks him. The two bottoms are face to face and kissing while their tops are hammering their asses. The two guys not fucking or getting fucked, jump onto the bed and start 69ing right there where the two bottoms can watch and play. porn videos
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Fucking Black Ass:After a while, Joey does get his turn at the black guy's ass and it looks like he's really enjoying it. Joey fucks the black guy's tight ass while bent over the bed and then while lying on his back with his legs in the air. Later, the black stud is sucking on Joey's cock and stroking his own meat. The black dude then rolls over and Joey spanks his ass with his hard, rubber-covered Marine cock before climbing back in the saddle and fucking him again…all while the rest of the guys hang back, stroking their cocks and watching the fuck action. porn videos
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Unloading:The furry, masked guy is the first one to blow his load, sending his cum oozing out the top of his tightly foreskinned cock head like wax dripping from a hot candle. The black stud is next to sperm. Joey steps back to give him center stage as white-hot cum streams out of his dark uncut boner. Joey is beating his meat feverishly as he watches the black guy cum, but the scene cuts to two of the white guys sucking out the last drops of cum from Joey's still fat uncut prick. I think the camera missed something here, but Max makes it up to us by reprising some of the best cum shots from the other five SIN tapes and ends the film with a solo cum shot from Joey, himself. Cool!

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Sin #6: Psycho Sex Pigs

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