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Sin #5: Cum Rag

Party People:

The NYC Fuck Pigs have found a new hotel to host their group sex parties and there are more guys here than in any previous Sin video. I counted at least 10 guys and I think there are 12, but the way they're moving around, kissing, licking and sucking, it was hard to get a head count. There are a lot of new faces here and some familiar faces too. The hot Latin bottom from Sin #4: Man Juice is back…YEAH! There's also an Asian here, my personal favorite! This time, the masks are of a smaller ''party'' style that just covers the eyes and leave lots of access for cock sucking and ass licking. All in all, this looks like the best Sin video yet.
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porn videos

It Begins:

The first hot sex to happen is a deep cock-sucking duo off by themselves at one end of the hotel room. The top guy is rock-hard and forcing his cock into the leather-harnessed bottom guy as the top guy spanks the bottom guy’s butt. In the background, you can see eight or ten guys in various stages of undress; sucking and groping each other in the opening minutes of this hot, hot, hot video sex party. White guys, black guys, Asian guys, Latin guys, punk guys, young guys, mature guys, smooth guys and hairy guys…if you can't find someone to lust after in this video then you need new glasses!
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Hard Core Fun:

Only 11 minutes into the flick and already there's bareback fucking! The eager cock sucker has his hands and ankles all trussed up and is moaning up a storm while getting his ass plowed good and hard by the long-dicked top man. Top man dismounts for a time to play with the bottom guys' wide-open asshole, and then he plants his cock back into the hole and fucks some more. Meanwhile, the rest of the sex pigs are getting down to the real stuff. Almost all of their clothes are gone now and cocks are getting sucked all around. Everyone is hard, horny and happy.
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Cum Flowing:

The first guy to cum is a black-masked white guy with a steely, uncut boner. He pulls his cock sucker off of his rod just in time to see the last drop of cum slide from his foreskinned cock head. Some guys get greedy. One green-masked white guy is slamming his mouth up and down on the hard cock of a hairy-chested stud and has one hand wrapped around the Latin hottie from Sin #4. His other hand is on his own cock; stroking up a fierce head of steam. After an intense stroking, the uncut guy who came a few moments ago gets another load of cum and his moans set off the hairy stud who then spills out a big load from his own uncut dick.
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Trade And Switch:

The punk boy is the last to finally get totally naked and as soon as he does, he slides in behind the bareback fucker and sticks his tongue up that stud’s asshole. Before long, the fuck daddy has found a new boy who is fucking HIS ass while the punk boy is playing with fuck daddy’s cast-off boy. The fucking goes on and on in different positions while the Latin stud strokes his own cock to climax and a juicy load of cum oozes down his fist. The top man is next to spunk off as he's lying back, jerking his cock while a buddy fingers his ass. He blasts out six high-flying gushes of cum, creating a milky mess.
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Climactic Moments:

Hot interracial sex is all over the place…Asian on white, white on Latin, black on white. Everyone's mixing it up! The green-masked white guy and the red-masked black guy are stroking and sucking each other until they both shoot off. The black guy slurps up the white guy's creamy load as it squirts out. All the while, the black guy is jerking out his own load. This is one hot party and everyone has a fucking good time!
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Private Little Fuck:

Later, after the partygoers have thinned out, the hot black guy who just shot his load and the leather-bound boy-toy who was getting barebacked earlier get together for a private little fuck-fest. Boy-toy gets his ass worked over good by the black guy; first by his fingers, then he slides on a rubber and pops his hard black cock deep into the boy-toy's hole. He really gets used when the black guy rolls him over and jerks out a load of spunk right onto the boy-toy's face, into his open mouth and on his outstretched tongue. Boy-toy licks it all up, sucking out every last drop…and he's still hungry for more. I want more Sin videos...NOW!

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Sin #5: Cum Rag

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