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Sin #4: Man Juice

WARNING!!! You are about to see disturbing, graphic images of horny, hardcore homos getting one another off in a twisted, sweaty heap of cum-spurting lust, passion and desire. Enjoy!

Ready, Set, Strip: Eight hot New York City fuck pigs are milling about a fashionable NYC hotel room, wondering who's going to get things rolling…when suddenly, a masked man slides in behind a studly black dude; reaching around and unbuckling his belt, pulling down his pants and revealing the black man's beefy, round buns. That's the cue for everyone else to strip off and get down.

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Mix 'Em Up: Tonight's mix of horny men includes the tall, shaved-bald black man mentioned above; a furry-chested, sunglasses wearing stud with a very thick, hard and juicy uncut cock; a slender and sultry Hispanic tough-guy with an uncut cock; a mature white guy with cock-lust in his eyes; and several masked men with hot bodies and hard cocks.

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I Wear My Sunglasses At Night: The action in the first portion of the orgy revolves around the stud in sunglasses. He gets his cock sucked by several people; including the mature guy, the Latino guy, and at least one of the masked men and returns the favor whenever a cock is close enough to his face.

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To The Max: Mr. Sunglasses and the Latino become the focus as they trade rapid and intense blowjobs, while others pop in now and then to taste one or the other guy's cock.

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Divide And Conquer: The second portion of the video finds our heroes now working with other partygoers. A mystery man in a red hood is servicing Mr. Sunglasses and the Latino is making out big time with the shaved-bald black man who got the whole party started.

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Cum One Cum All: The Latino is the first one to cum as his cock goes steel-hard and a river of white cum boils out of the tip and is rubbed all around by the black man. Mr. Sunglasses cums next, shooting a fireworks-like explosion of cum that covers the black ski mask of one cock sucker in a seemingly endless shower.

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Who Was That Masked Man: The man in the red ski mask cums next, shooting a wad on the black-masked guy that leaves a string of cum hanging off his nose. This gets the black-masked guy all hot and he leans back to deliver his own load of long, ropy filaments of cum all over his own furry tummy.

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Together Again: The third part of this movie is just the black man and the Latino guy, together. Everyone else must have already left and now they can get it on without interruptions. They get into a hot 69 with the Latino getting his face fucked deep and hard.

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Fuck Yes: In no time at all the Latino is flat on his stomach, getting his ass hammered by the black man's long, hard cock; and I do mean hammered! He slam-fucks that poor boy like crazy and then he rolls him over and does it again; then Latino sits on that piece of meat and slam himself onto it. This is one INTENSE fuck!

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Cum and Gone: These two guys’ cum shots are as intense and messy as can be. The black man shoots a gallon of spunk all over the Latino's face and the Latino just wallows in it. He then strokes his own hard, uncut cock until it gushes out a load of cum. This is a great climax to a wild sex party!

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Sin #4: Man Juice

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