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Holla Atcha Boy #2

Featuring Vinnie from Sneek Peek Productions

A Note From Vin Dawg: Here's a collection of new scenes from the Sneek Peek vault featuring some of my horniest thug-boyz chillin at the crib and getting one off...Nuttin better'n that! These 4 HOT scenes are the ''Real Deal'' - unscripted, unrehearsed, sex just the way it happens sometimes when a str8 guy gets horny!


18 year old Jedi is a street basketball player transplanted from a New Jersey hood and reads like ''10 and half inches with attitude.'' He quickly strips down and whips out his long black snake and I swoop down on it. When I take out a vibrator and work his butt hole while I suck his cock, he seems delighted at the sensation and pushes my head all the way down his shaft. After fucking my mouth he explodes on my face and I eat the rest of his load. Once you go black.

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19 years old with a rock-hard 9 inches, Enrique is always horny and looking for a warm place to unload. He drops by to get an uber quick BJ so after I put on his favorite porno he drops his pants. I get jiggy and start sucking on his 9+ inches and in just a few minutes he plasters my face with a massive nut. Enrique jokes, ''Dawn! You're the best!''

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Bronx Bomma:

When I met this sexy Puerto Rican on a trip to New York City he was just 21 years old. Several years later he comes to Providence and ends up at my place for a session. I set up a porno as the Bronx Bomma pulls down his jeans and in no time he's strokin' his 8'' X 6'' cock. As he works hard to make it happen I sit off camera strokin' my own hard cock, and when I approach him he starts jerking me off. I go down on his nicely curved rod and bring the Bronx Bomma close to the edge before he finishes himself off with a huge messy nut. The Puerto Rican Beacon knows he's hot as he flexes and poses for the camera!

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19 year old Dominican bulldog Domenic had just gotten outta prison when I convinced him to chill 'n' spill with the Dawg. He rubs himself through his sweat suit to get his cock hard then he pulls out a 7'' cock with a nice soft foreskin. He jerks it around and after a bit of fast and furious stroking he launches a huge load. Maybe next time I'll get to taste the flava!?

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Holla Atcha Boy #2

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