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DawgHouse Videos is the Primary Producer (as defined in CFR Title 28 Part 75) for all DawgHouse Videos videos and images. Their Custodian of Records is M. DelBene, 653 Putnam Pike #2, Greenville RI 02828-1437, USA

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video Titles and Dates of Production are shown below:

DAW06 Chillin' At Vinnie's

09/02, 06/03, 07/11/03

DAW08 Uncle Vinnie's Altered Boys #1


DAW09 Altered Boys #2: Paulie and Casey

08/03, 08/03, 08/03, 08/03, 08/03

DAW11 Bust-A-Nut

6/1/03, 2/1/04, 10/3/04

DAW12 Bustin' A Thug #2

10/03, 01/04, 01/04, 06/03

DAW13 Bustin' A Thug #1


DAW14 Vin-Dawg's Private Collection #14: Adam & Toby

02/03, 02/03, 08/02, 10/02

DAW15 VinDawg's Hefty Hunks #2

11/01, 07/01, 08/01

DAW16 VinDawg's P.C. #16: Holler Atcha Boy

04/03, 03/03, 02/04, 11/03

DAW17 Adam & Buzz: Chillin With Vinnie

01/03, 05/02, 08/03

DAW18 Beatin' Cheeks

05/01/04, 05/02/04, 05/03/04, 04/01/04

DAW19 Chillin @ Vinnie's: Dino & Adam

05/03, 06/03, 05/03, 02/03

DAW20 Hefty Hunks #3

06/04, 06/04, 07/01, 02/01, 09/03

DAW21 Holla Atcha Boy #2

6/19/02, 2/28/03, 11/1/01, 12/16/01

DAW22 Dawgin' Dante


DAW23 Dawg Daze

11/18.07, 12/5/07, 12/6/07, 12/15/07

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18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement