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Frat Initiations #7


A member of his college water polo team, Jesse has a strong team spirit and desperately wants to belong. He says he'll do anything to join the frat...let's see if he's ready to live up to his words. Jesse's eyes are blindfolded and after he's stripped down to his boxers the pledgemaster ties his hands behind his back and starts to play with the tall athlete's crotch. Then he turns the young pledge around and plays grab-ass with his smooth bubble butt. Jesse has a short fat cock that's already hard even before the pledgemaster kneels down to lick the shaft and suck the head. Jesse's words are put to the test when he has to get down and suck on the pledgemaster's hard dick. His thick lips and wet tongue make juicy sounds on the master's cock. Jesse's just beginning the initiation though. The pledgemaster bends him over and pushes his dick into Jesse's ass and fucks him while Jesse moans and gasps loudly at the invading cock. A few stiff spankings and a few firms strokes on his cock, and the pledgemaster has Jesse cumming him his hands.
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Black Jock

This black stud is the new jock on campus and he's got to prove himself to be accepted. If he can pass this initiation he'll gain the points he needs to fit in where it counts. The pledgemaster puts the jock through the same routine as every other pledge, bound and blindfolded he has to endure the pledgemaster's groping hands. The jock is prepared though and he cock is pumped with blood to prove his worth. The jock is put through the humiliation of having his long fat cock stroked by another man and his tight virgin asshole probed by a man's greased fingers. He is reserved, but the jock lets a moan slip out now and then at the new feelings. The pledgemaster makes the jock pulls out his hard pink cock and suck it then turns his attention back to the jock's hard black cock and pumps it until a powerful load of cum erupts from it's flaring head.
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The last time the initiations were held Brandon and Marcus joined the frat together (Frat Initiations #6) but now Brandon has broken the rules and must undergo the initiation again...alone. He is securely blindfolded and bound and then the games begin.

After tugging down the pledge's pants and stroking up his cock, the pledgemaster drops to his knees to taste Brandon's growing cock. Brandon is enjoying the attention on his cock too much so the pledgemaster turns the table and makes the pledge suck the master's chubby cock and lick his tight scrotum. Brandon gets a spanking next and the option to leave the frat if he can't take it...but he sticks it out.

To test him further the pledgemaster slides a dildo up Brandon's freshly spanked ass then whips out his own cock to plunder the pledge's ass some more. Finally the pledgemaster allows Brandon to climax and to rejoin the fraternity...but I think Brandon will be looking for another opportunity to go through the initiation process again.

The last 10 minutes of this video are previews of Frat Initiations #1 and Frat Initiations #2

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Frat Initiations #7

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