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Frat Initiations #6


This tough acting Indiana boy is here to pledge the frat. He strips down to his briefs then the pledgemaster blindfolds him and ties his hands behind his back. He cops a feel of Gary's ass while he's there, then he spins the pledge around and pulls out his cock for some fondling. When Gary is hard, the pledgemaster turns his attention back to Gary's ass, but Gary is worried about the dildo in the pledgemaster's hand. He relents, but the face he makes as the dildo enters his ass shows he does NOT like it. The dildo doesn't last long though and soon it is past. The pledgemaster puts his hand to stroking Gary's growing cock and gets the desired results when Gary lets loose with a mighty groan and moan as he oozes his cum all over his dick and the pledgemaster's pumping fist.
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This young blond smoothie doesn't know what's going to happen to him during his pledge, and that's what excites him the most. He strips down and the pledgemaster does him up in blindfold and restraints before reaching into Justin's boxers and pulling out his hefty tool. When Justin is naked and hard the masked pledgemaster goes down on his knees to suck the pledge's erect pole. Soon the pledgemaster wants some more personal attention and he orders Justin to his knees to suck the master's cock for a change. Justin takes to it fast and soon the pledgemaster is enjoying the young man's talents. After fingering and probing Justin's ass for a bit, the pledgemaster concentrates on stroking Justin to a cum-spurting climax.
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Brandon and Marcus

Here we have a pair or friends who are entering the frat on the buddy system. Before their initiation is over they'll be closer pals that they ever imagined. Brandon blindfolds Marcus and then the pledgemaster finishes the task until they're both blind and bound, then he strips them down the rest of the way and poses them like two life-sized and anatomically-correct Ken dolls. Marcus is on his knees blowing Brandon and you can see Brandon squirm a little as it begins, but soon he's into it totally. Brandon needs a little push from the pledgemaster to return the favor, but soon he's sucking dick like a pro. The next step is their butts. The pledgemaster works his fingers up their asses then instructs Brandon to bend over so his friend can fuck him good. Marcus pushes his rubbered cock up Brandon's hole with a lot of lube and work then really slams it to him. It's hard to tell if Brandon is fighting it or enjoying it, but Marcus doesn't care one way or the's tight ass and he loves it. What he doesn't know is that Brandon gets a turn in Marcus' ass too and now he's the one being poked in the ass. The pledgemaster returns to jerk each of them to climax. Marcus is stroked until he shoots off onto Brandon's face and chest, and then Brandon is jerked off to spurt onto Marcus' face. Marcus and Brandon are frat brothers now and they will only grow closer with time.

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Frat Initiations #6

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