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Bubble Gum Amateurs #16

48 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: She makes hard slurping sounds and deep throats me very easily. Nice long strings of spit form when she lifts her head after sucking me hard. She likes to move around a lot, sucking my dick from different angles and different grips. She pulls her tits out of her top and I cover them in white sticky goo.
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Bubble Gum Amateurs #12

48 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: This next little cutie whore is Britney. In this video she's going to fuck, suck and give me a hand job. She has long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She gets right down to business by spitting on my dick to get it wet then starts sucking the hell out of it. Lots of nice camera angles and close-ups of my cock getting hard in her mouth. She climbs on top, pulls her black thong to the side and starts riding my cock, her fat ass jiggling up and down. Next comes some more head and some more hand stroking and I cum all in her mouth.
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Bubble Gum Amateurs #8

51 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: JuliAnn shows up in a nice red panty/bra set and wants to give me a hand job. She got long brown hair and a nice thick body. I think I am hard even before she starts jerking me off. She flips that body in several different positions while rubbing my tool and makes sure I am nice and wet by sticking the head of my dick in her mouth several times while jerking me off. She jerks me with one hand then gives me a two handed jerk. I shoot my load straight into her mouth then she rubs the head all over her lips smearing my cum around. Then she keeps jerking me off and makes me cum a second time doubling the cum on her face. Now that's a good girl!!
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Bubble Gum Amateurs #6

60 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Devlyn Lace is a 19 year old hottie with a smoking body and a beautiful face. She is here to suck my dick. After a brief introduction, she poses for me then strips, showing off her beautiful assets. She's wearing a white lace garter set that looks simply lovely. She's soon face down on my cock, sucking it like a pro. I quickly get hard and can't wait to blow my load all over her. We change positions a few times, she flashes me that pretty pink pussy, and while on her knees I shoot my load into her open mouth. She shows it to the camera before some of it drips out of her mouth. She smiles at the camera before swallowing the rest.
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Bubble Gum Amateurs #10

60 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Erika is another black beauty, definitely now ghetto and is here to give me a hand job. She has a slender build, long-ass legs and long hair. She is very energetic and loves to talk and smile at me. After getting both hands nice and wet she puts them both on me. She gets even more energetic after I get hard and I reach up and start to grab her breasts. She straddles me, grinds on my dick a little then really goes to town jerking my dick. She rubs her tits across my cock and balls while she continues to jerk me off. More slippery stuff and a generous helping of jerking and I cum all over her tits.
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Bubble Gum Amateurs #9

59 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Last we have Mya and she seems straight from the ghetto. She is a very beautiful black girl who sucks her nipples for me at will. The way she moves she must be a stripper or something like that. She has very long dark hair, real tits and a dancers body. She peels out of her clothes, some lap dancing for me then she's reaching for my manhood. My dick is already hard when she pours the slippery stuff on it. She got a kind of 'over the top' technique to her that I've never experienced before. She is definitely NOT new to giving a hand job. I get lots of different shots of this black beauty working me over. Her hair and body are really turning me on. She doesn't seem to tire at all while jerking me off and seems almost surprised when I cum so fast.
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Bubble Gum Amateurs #4

62 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: I grab her hand to slow her down because she is going to make me cum too fast. Once I regain myself I get a shot of her jerking my from the rear and you can see her swollen clit and pussy, with my cock being rubbed between her legs. I can feel her pussy juice dripping down my balls as she jerks me harder and faster. She lets me rub my dick between her pussy lips and I even enter her a few times. When she gets back to stroking me it's not long before I ''bust and bust big'', as Jules puts it.
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Bubble Gum Amateurs #3

58 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: She strips down to her panties, fills her hand with some slippery stuff, then starts stroking my cock hard. As you can tell from my filming, I sometimes focus too much on her beautiful big tits rather then the hand job, but hell, I'm a guy. She strokes me with on hand, then two, then strokes with one and rubs my balls with the other. I think she's done this before. I bend her over, rub my cock in the crack of her ass before lying her down and, you guessed it, shoot my load all over those 36E's.
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Bubble Gum Amateurs #2

45 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Smokie is surprised in the shower by her ''Honey'' (Me), who comes home from work early. Smokie poses a bit for me then proceeds to unzip my fly for some oral action. Smokie works the shaft with her hand and the head with her mouth quickly getting me hard. I have to take a break and rub up against her to keep from cumming too soon, but it's not long before that pierced tongue and cute smile have me exploding on her chin and tits.
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Bubble Gum Amateurs #1

60 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Claire is doing some work at the computer when I walk in and just have to get some head. Claire pulls out her huge tits, plays with them for a while then my cock ends up in her mouth. She jerks and sucks, sucks and jerks; I even fuck her titties for a while. She sucks me just a bit more then jerks me off all over her tit.
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