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Bubble Gum Amateurs #10

A Bubble Gum Amateurs Production

60 Minutes...Live Sound

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Tawney is back to give me another hand job. She's wearing an animal print two piece and still has that awesome young body. We make some small talk, trying to relax her a bit. She kneels on the bed, gives me a generous helping of the wet stuff and goes to work yanking on my meat. We both lie on the bed and I get some good shots of her face right next to my cock. She jerks and jerks, smiling the entire time while looking me right in the eye. She really starts to smile when she squeezes the cum out of me and it's dripping down her hand.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Erika is another black beauty, definitely now ghetto and is here to give me a hand job. She has a slender build, long-ass legs and long hair. She is very energetic and loves to talk and smile at me. After getting both hands nice and wet she puts them both on me. She gets even more energetic after I get hard and I reach up and start to grab her breasts. She straddles me, grinds on my dick a little then really goes to town jerking my dick. She rubs her tits across my cock and balls while she continues to jerk me off. More slippery stuff and a generous helping of jerking and I cum all over her tits.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Vickie shows up wearing a red top and black panties. She seems shy at first and I like that. Her technique is slower then most but she takes her time and makes eye contact with the camera often. She has her ass cocked up into the air while she is stroking me then gets on top of me for the classic ride while you stroke technique. She reverses on top of me and I pull her panties down to show off her ass and tattoo. She's a lot more relaxed now and I play with her nipple rings while she is on top jerking me off. She lays down between my legs and jerks me nice and slow. I stand and she sits on the edge of the bed and stares up at me so seductively while rubbing my dick. I cum all over her face.

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Bubble Gum Amateurs #10

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