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The Guns Of BDF: The Best Of BigDikFactory

68 Minutes...Mixed Audio

Excerpt From Full Description: Brett Collins plays a research scientist at BDF trying to analyze and dwell on the mystery of the big dick phenomenon. Can you tell a big dick on a guy without seeing him naked? What does one feel when he encounters one? It's like an accident on a highway,you know you shouldn't stare... but you just can't take your eyes off it. With the biggest dick in BDF arsenal to illustrate his point,Brett is nothing less than wonderful as he makes some BDF classics seem brand new.
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Schoolmates #5: Year Book Confidential

110 Minutes...Mixed Audio

Excerpt From Full Description: At a photo shoot,we see Justin and Chris go at it behind the camera. Both guys eagerly suck each other's ample tools. Both of them are hung thick and savor sucking each other's members in a hot 69 and rim session. Then,Justin squeezes his large tool up Chris' ass and pounds him royally from behind. Watching Justin mount Chris while Chris's big tool and balls swing between his spread legs is very hot. Chris blows his load and then Justin quickly follows and cums all over Chris' back.
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Schoolmates #6

110 Minutes...Mixed Audio

Excerpt From Full Description: As the story goes,one of the students woke up during the night and showed himself off to another. Before you know it the whole dorm woke up and everyone joined in,including Zachary Aiden,Wes Taylor,Dylan Hunter,Brent Collins and Heyden Fuller. featuring Brent Collins,Zachary Aiden,Heyden Fuller and Wes Taylor. The action gets really hot and heavy as hungry mouths slurp loaded cocks. After 69ing Wes drives his thick,veined cock into sex-flushed Hayden's waiting ass,banging his swollen nuts against Hayden's butt. Meanwhile Dylan rams his horse dong hard into his boy before depositing a massive,drenching load over the boy's round butt. Writhing boy flesh encourages more silky cock loads; erupting and draining the lads until they drift off to sleep once more.
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Young Directors #2

91 Minutes...Mixed Audio

Excerpt From Full Description: Finally,Jordan River and Joseph Woods team up in a scorcher of a scene: Joseph is horse hung (a bit horsed face as well but in a handsome way. Jordan is super hung as well. After an oral scene that displays both dick to full advantage,Joseph ends up getting it up the ass by Jordan for a spectacular finale!
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Young Masseurs #2

80 Minutes...Mixed Audio

Excerpt From Full Description: Finally in the segment called The Out There Massage,Jacob Sweet massages Wes Taylor,in a trippy neopsychedelic scene,then Wes ends up fucking Jacob and the both shoot looking into each other's eyes.
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Young Sex Icons

86 Minutes...Mixed Audio

Excerpt From Full Description: In this scene,Heyden Fuller and Zachary Aiden are two army buds that get into hot oral action. The best parts of this video are the great camera angels on the gigantic dicks,or the precious moments when two guys look into each other's eyes while they jack each other off. The passion is hot,and the microphones capture every sloppy sound effect,which adds to the sexual drama.
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