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Black To School Blonde

Black To School Blonde

Joey is a 19-year-old nursing student who has the face of an angel…beautiful eyes, a radiant smile and huge tits for girl who is so skinny. She made this video because she likes to show herself off to guys, and because she desperately needed money to buy textbooks. When we met Joey she had never done two guys at the same time, had never let a guy fuck her 40D tits and had never fucked a black guy. We changed all that within an hour.

We shot this in early September, at the height of allergy season. Joey almost canceled on us because her allergies were so bad. She was also starting to feel guilty for doing this behind her boyfriend's back. I was worried that if we didn't shoot it that day, Joey would never go through with it. So the soundtrack of this video is a mix of the usual sex noises and poor Joey's sniffling and sneezing.
After a brief introductory chat with our starlet, ''D'' introduces himself. He couldn't get much blacker. She couldn't get much blonder. They're an awesome pair. Joey opens D's pants and starts stroking his ebony cock. She then takes him into her soft mouth for an extended blowjob. Tom moves in and before long Joey has two cocks in her hand and is going back and forth between the two, licking and sucking. Joey makes plenty of eye contact with the camera so you can gaze into her gorgeous eyes while she smokes cock.

After blowing her two lucky co-stars, Joey breaks out the baby oil. She thinks titty fucking is weird and it makes her giggle, but she obliges us, resulting in a humorous scene. But it's still hot; words can't describe how good those slippery soft fun-bags felt on our cocks. The guys then take turns fucking Joey. Tom goes first, easing his fat cock into this ultra-tight, hairless pussy. We get some great close-up penetration shots! Then he does her doggy-style. You won't believe how hot she looks on all fours with a cock in her and her awesome tits bouncing in every direction.

Tom finishes by splattering Joey's pretty face with a generous helping of hot cum. He scores a bull’s eye, splashing cum onto her glasses. His thick goo oozes down her face, across her lips and dribbles off her chin…an outstanding facial. Finally D steps up and gives Joey her first black cock. Joey damn near kills D, who can't believe the tricks she can do with her pussy muscles. Finally D sticks his big black cock in Joey's face and gives her one of the thickest pearl necklaces you'll ever see. No cheesy sales pitch is necessary for this video. Just check out these photos!!

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Black To School Blonde

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