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Phoebe's First Facials

110 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Here at Amateur-Sugar, we spend our days looking for wholesome-looking "average" girls who are wild enough to give porn a try. Phoebe is such a "girl next door"; the only problem is that she LOOKS like a porn star. She's tall, thin, has amazing real tits, platinum hair and a teardrop ass. Ok, so it's not that much of a problem. We just wanted to point out that this 22-year-old is a normal girl! [more...]
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College Sex Poker

70 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: This video starts with four college kids, Ariel, Tatum, Joe, and Darren, enjoying a playful game of strip poker. It's the girls versus the boys. At first, the boys are losing their shirts. But the guys stage a comeback, and before long both girls are buck naked. These nude co-eds don't want the game to end, so they borrow a few items of clothing from the boys. The girls lose AGAIN and the relatively innocent game of strip poker turns quickly into an orgy. [more...]
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2 Cocks 4 Kelly

60 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: You'll love watching as we take this shy skinny 20-year-old ''girl next door'' and turn her into a grunting fuck machine. Dick drives Kelly insane with his enormous cock. There was so much cum that I was convinced that Dick had blown his load prematurely. Nope. Turns out, Kelly was responsible for all that liquid. Watch her cum over and over until she's exhausted and babbling about how much she loved that big cock. You won't believe she's the same shy girl from the beginning of the video. [more...]
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Eager Amateur Auditions

75 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Allison is 18, part Filipino and part Black. At 5'3'', 109 lbs., with 34C tits and a baby face, she's also a playground on feet! The original plan was to make a simple masturbation video. But Allison was clearly mesmerized watching herself perform. First she agreed to let me finger her, then she said yes to a blow job scene, then she not only let me fuck her, but cum inside her. [more...]
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Amy's Audition

75 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Amy is a total ''button,'' meaning she's ''cute as a button.'' It's not every day that you can talk a girl this wholesome-looking into getting naked in front of a video camera and then fucking 3 guys (2 total strangers and her boyfriend). [more...]
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Megan Makes A Movie

60 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Megan gets hot and so do I, so much so that I can't wait for her to cum. I interrupt her masturbation session by sticking my hard cock in her face. Megan happily drops to her knees and gets busy on my pole. You can tell Megan likes giving head by the way she takes her time, uses her whole mouth and face and also by her little sighs. [more...]
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Suzie Schoolgirl

77 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Ok, we're not asking anyone to believe that Suzie is a schoolgirl. We realize she's 24. But she is finally going to college after a stint in the Navy and a brief marriage. What is important is that our starlet looks great in a schoolgirl outfit. The video begins with Suzie treating Tom to a long, luxurious hand job, followed by a soft, warm blowjob. Lucky Tom then gets to fuck Suzie in four different positions until he finally cums so hard that one burst actually lands in the ear of a surprised Suzie! [more...]
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Twice Fucked 18yo

82 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Innocent turned 18 in April 2002, but looked so young when we got together in July to shoot her very first adult video that I told her I'd need to see something more than a driver's license. I can't tell you how happy we were when Innocent came back to the hotel with her US passport in hand. Innocent tells us how much she loves to fuck, that she's quiet during sex, is submissive and likes to be told exactly what to do. After ordering Innocent to take off her panties and masturbate, Dick tongues and fingers her bald twat. Innocent is gorgeous as she sighs and rolls her head in pleasure. Soon, our two horny co-stars have Innocent on her knees, sucking cock. She makes the cutest slurping noises and her facial expressions are absolutely adorable. Next, Dick bends this accommodating youth over the kitchen counter and starts banging her from behind. [more...]
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April Showered

75 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: April is tiny, only 4'10'', 85 pounds and is bashful during the opening interview scene. The first sight of a cock instantly brings out the nymphomaniac in April. She sucks and fucks all three of her lucky co-stars with a kind of enthusiasm that just can't be faked. As a reward for all her effort, our sexy starlet is repeatedly showered with cum. [more...]
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Sugar Sandwiches

103 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Gina is a 21-year-old waitress and nymphomaniac making her first adult video with two total strangers. After a brief introductory interview and hot masturbation scene, Gina goes after Brad’s cock like it was made of chocolate. She gobbles, sucks and licks his thick 8'' cock until Tom has to step in to give him a rest. Gina gives Tom’s cock the same luxurious treatment, letting him roughly fuck her face. Both guys get to fuck her perky 21-year-old titties. Gagging on Tom’s cock, Gina gets bent over and stuffed full of Brad’s swollen tool. Gina has several screaming orgasms before Brad blows a huge load of thick cum all over her pretty face. After some more sucking, Tom gives this girl-next-door another messy facial. Gina gets an ''A+'' for enthusiasm. [more...]
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