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Contact: Allen McNulty
Phone: (206) 860-4239
Fax: (206) 860-4948 Buys Amateur Sugar Videos

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (February 1, 2005) –, an amateur video production and distribution company, today announced that it has purchased all world rights to all videos and content of Amateur Sugar Videos, an amateur straight video production company. When asked why he was selling his business, the former owner said, “Making porn is fun, but trying to run a porn business is time consuming and not so much fun. It just got to the point where it became more work than fun.”

Included in the purchase were approximately 20 videos already released on, hours of unreleased footage, several domain names, and digital images and video clips for content. The purchase price was for an undisclosed amount.

“This is our first straight video acquisition with this many titles,” says co-owner Allen McNulty. “When we purchased Eden Pictures and FratBoy Videos, they had a couple of straight videos they’d produced, but this purchase will certainly beef up our straight video ownership.” he adds. “Now that we’ve substantially increased our total ownership of so many additional videos to the ones we produced ourselves, it will aid us in the launching of several major projects coming to fruition very soon”. produces and distributes amateur videos and is owned and operated by the fine folks at AMVC. For more information, you may visit at

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