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Contact: Allen McNulty
Phone: (206) 860-4239
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Email: To Appear On TV

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (July 10, 2003) –, a subsidiary of AMVC., an adult entertainment company based in Seattle, WA, today announced it will be appearing on TechTV’s “Unscrewed”. “We can’t be more proud and excited for both ourselves, our customers, and our producers” said’s co-owner Allen “The Colonel” McNulty.

As described on TechTV’s web site, “TechTV is the cable network that showcases the smart, edgy, and unexpected side of technology. By telling stories through the prism of technology, TechTV intrigues viewers with everything from help and information to cutting-edge documentaries to outrageous late-night fun. TechTV viewers are highly interactive and passionate about engaging in the television experience, while logs a monthly average of 1.5 million unique visitors. Owned by Vulcan Inc., TechTV is currently available in nearly 40 million homes in the United States and distributes content to more than 70 countries.”

“ provides amateur producers and video customers a forum that is unique and in high demand,” said The Colonel. “When was launched in 1997, homemade porn videos were not easy to obtain, but we still provided a forum for those who believed as we did that the market would soon grow to what it’s become today. Being asked to appear on TechTV only serves to solidify that theory,” he explained. “The segment, ‘Unscrewed’ is geared towards a more mature audience with a tongue-in-cheek attitude about its featured content. Our company offers so many different things to so many different people, I’m not sure we’ll be able to fit everything we do and offer into our allotted time….but I’m going to try my damndest!”, The Colonel boasts. He also asks, “I mean, how many TV shows, especially mainstream ones, would allow a pornographer to appear on their show to try to entice porn producers and customers to come to their web site?” I’m sure the Jerry Springer show -- and shows of that caliber --would love to have me on, but then some fat, redneck would start screaming hateful things at me and then I’d have to hit him with my chair….and that’s not how I want presented to the public”, The Colonel adds with a grin.

The show is scheduled to air on July 28, 2003, at various times between 8:00PM and 11:00PM depending your time zone. Specific air times and dates can be found at produces, markets, and distributes hundreds of unique videos from amateur producers across the globe. For more information, you may visit the company’s corporate web site ( or the web site (

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