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Twisty's Cumblast Facials

A Note from Twisty: What you’re about to see is a life long fantasy come true for this eager and hungry cum fanatic. The ‘face’ we used for this film has longed to be used as a personal dick slave for a group of breeder cocks. Each of the ‘sperm donors’ in Twisty’s Cum Blast Facials is a bona fide straight guy that answered a magazine ad that we had running…The requirements were simple: provide a hard cock,get sucked off by an eager throat and mouth,drain your nuts on his face and tongue,and watch him gobble up you…Shot in its entirety as one on-going filming session,watch what happens when Fantasy does becomes Reality for this gifted oral slut…ENJOY!!!

Cock #1:

We start out with a big fat uncut cock. When this married guy dropped his pants,his huge pecker pops right out…With the smell and taste of precum in his tongue,the cocksucker devours this woody deep down his throat…Lots of ass eating,dildo butt play,and a huge thick creamy facial…See the cocksucker clean up all the load off of this guys crotch.

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Cock #2 and #3:

Two for the price of one…Both of these guys showed up at the same time to donate their sperm,and neither had a problem getting sucked off and satisfied in front of each other,or by the same eager hungry mouth…See these guys really push their limits as Cock #3,gets orally serviced in public on the balcony of our Hotel suite in full view,outdoors. Watch as Cock #2 shoots his hot load on the face of the cocksucker,and to our surprise and delight,Cock #3,eat that load straight off the cocksuckers face and feed it back directly to him…Cock #3 gets totally turned on,and eagerly plugs our cocksuckers ass bareback for a short time before spraying his load all over his smooth white ass… See the cocksucker stick the load in his hole,and lick his fingers clean…

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Cock #4:

If you like blowing cock through boxer briefs,then you’ll enjoy this scene. Watch this hard,thick and stubby cut cock get blown to completion through the fly in his boxers… He shoots spews of hot cum right on the face,mouth and tongue our willing cum whore

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Cock #5:

8 x 5 uncut fat and thick…We knew we had a monster,and brought in re-enforcements to assist…See both these cocksuckers work that heavy hanging cock… Watch Cock #5 suck himself,as he shows the other 2 cocksuckers how he likes his dick to be worked over…A hot load of cum is spewed on the Troy Punk’s hot chiseled chest…See the delight on our cocksuckers face as he gets to clean the chest off and gobble up all the load himself…

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Cock #6:

Tall,Lean,Well built,and straight from fucking his girlfriend that morning. Cock #6 can’t get enough and wanted more. See this guy relax and enjoy a deep oral massage…one that the girlfriend just can’t seem to deliver…isn’t that what cum hungry cocksuckers are for? Happy to have provided one for this cute straight boy…Watch him spray his sperm all over the willing face and tongue of oral specialist

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Cock #7 and Cock #8:

Cock #7 delivers one of the hottest and thickest loads of milky white and creamy cum we have seen in a long time…Its jets out of a wide open piss slit,directly onto our cocksucker’s nose,face,and cheeks…See strings of this hot load drip and dangle off our cocksuckers lips and chin as he licks the load off of his hands and fingers…Eager to supply the last sperm donation of the session,Cock #8 was only to quick to stick his dick out,and look down into his cocksuckers eyes as he gets blown hard and deep…Just before he gets ready to cum,he steps away from the cocksuckers face,so that the camera can catch his cock shoot directly into the cock sucker’s mouth and tongue.

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Twisty's Cumblast Facials

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