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Hustlers for Hire

Technical Note: Several different videographers shot this tape over a period of four years. Some of the sessions are great,others are dark and grainy…but with eleven guys in nine solo sessions and one duo session,you can't go wrong.


This 21yo hustler will do just about anything on a dare. His hobbies are dancing,having sex and having more sex. He's originally from Arkansas,but the San Francisco nightlife is soooo much better. He has a furry chest and a very outgoing personality. He strips off for a few photos then delivers a juicy J/O session…all because the cameraman dared him to.

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Here's a 25yo that got turned on to nude modeling by his girlfriend and decided to give it a try. He's a little goofy acting to begin with; probably just nervous about being on camera,but soon he’s slipping off his jeans and yanking his crank. Jay has a fuzzy tummy and a nice body with an uncut cock that skins back easily. He humps the bed then jerks off to an intense climax.

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This smooth-bodied hustler is already jerking off as the session begins and we don't find out much about him. He looks about 22 or 23yo with a cute face,a very fine body,a little goatee,an ear ring,a nipple ring and a big fat gold chain and bracelet...he's a player. Chase's balls are pulled up tight at the base of his cock,so he's close to creaming. His strokes are getting faster until pops his nut...then he's featured in another session,whacking off as he sits on the kitchen counter top. This time he's shaved off his goatee and he talks a little about the sex he likes; oral and bottom mostly. He talks about a hot sex session he had in an elevator,but he never stops beating off and finally shoots off a good load.

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This 19yo sailor supplements his government pay by hustling on the side. With his laptop in one hand and his cock in the other,Will is looking at naughty pictures of furry,muscular guys while he strokes off. Will has a smooth chest,but a furry bush surrounds his long,hard cock and you can see his fuzzy ass crack when he spreads his legs. Will covers his tummy in watery cum.

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Here we have a hustler with a car fetish. He loves sex in cars and even drives naked sometimes. This session was filmed in his car in the garage. Digger strips down to his briefs then hauls out his 9-inch banana-curved cock and slaps it against the steering wheel. Crawling into the passenger seat,Digger shows off his hot ass then rolls back over to whip out a steaming load of cum.

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This Hispanic 24yo hustler used to play football in high school. His body is furry and beefy and his cock is as hard as the whole defensive line. In the sultry lighting of a hotel room,he strips off his black bikini briefs and jerks himself like crazy. He moves around a lot during his J/O session (he must have been a quarterback) before finally stroking his uncut cock until it pops.

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What this hustler lacks in looks,he makes up for in energy and a big cock. Jeff is a little too soft and not quite cute; but he'll do anything with anyone,so if you hire him you're going to get your rocks off,for sure. Jeff is really excited about being on camera and it doesn't take long for his big cock to swell up as he squeezes out his creamy load.

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This hustler is a bit on the rough side; with his hair in dreadlocks and a very full bush…but he's hard and cooperative,and hey,not everyone looks like smooth-boy Chase from a few sessions back. After a nice whack-off session,Gidon just grabs the base of his cock in a tight grip and an almost unending flood of cum spurts and gurgles from his dick.

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Very tall,very skinny,very smooth and nicely hung are the best ways to describe Ed. I asked him if he told his friends about doing a porno tape and he said it was none of their business. He talks about some of the straight guys he's had; navy guys,school buddies and others from a very active sex life. He jerks off feverishly until he spurts a wad of cum that covers his hand and cock.

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Trey and Christian:

20yo Trey and 25yo Christian are both street hustlers; turning tricks with drive-by Johns in dark alleys. Trey has smooth,submissive youth on his side and Christian has a fat 9-inch cock to attract the tricks. Tonight,they're doing each other just for fun and for the camera. Trey has his mouth all over Christian's cock and right from the start he's doing a good job. Christian fucks Trey briefly,but his pole is too big and Trey's hole is too tight for a good fit,so it's back to the blowjobs. Trey takes Christian's load in his mouth and licks up the overflow while Christian moans in pleasure.

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Hustlers for Hire

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