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Get At Me

Producer's Note: This vid features fan favorites Dax and Skeet together (!) and in separate scenes with two other hot studs. The audition scenes for these boys can be seen in the Jake’s Casting Couch series on AMVC.

Turbo fuck with Dax and Skeet

The scene picks up after the shower action seen in Stud Pokers. Out of the shower,Dax and Skeet exchange wisecracks and Skeet picks Dax up,hauls him into the bedroom,and throws him onto the bed. They’re already naked,so the sex play starts right away. Skeet pins Dax’s arms behind him,but Dax grabs Skeet’s cock and won’t let go. Skeet brings his crotch up to Dax’s face and shoves his dick in Dax’s mouth,holding his head down for a better facefucking angle. Dax looks up at his buddy and smirks. He says,''You know what I want,'' and throws Skeet off him,flips him over,and goes for his ass. He bites and licks Skeet’s cheeks,chews on the ring hanging below his balls,and sucks mightily on Skeet’s fuckhole. By now,Dax has a raging hardon,so Skeet rolls over,grabs Dax’s rod,and deep throats his nine inches. Looks like maybe he’s done this before. He strokes his pal’s dick with one hand while licking up and down the shaft. He looks up at Dax for approval and his bud moans in ecstasy while stroking Skeet’s cock with his free hand. Skeet lies back on the bed,and Dax goes down on him in appreciation. He bites Skeet’s dick,and laughs,while Skeet is writhing with pleasure. The camera pulls back and we can see that Dax is getting even harder while giving his bud head. While his fuckbuddy is edging him,Skeet squirms on the bed,struggling to keep from cumming. Dax wants to make him cum,so he combines a hand job with licking the precum on Skeet’s cock. Skeet grinds his jaws together attempting to hold off. Next,Dax goes to work on his bud’s bally,taking first one,then the other,then both into his lips,while watching Skeet’s face intently. Skeet’s not used to being fucked with a dildo,and Dax pulls out a monstrous double-headed one and lubes it up. Skeet says,''Don’t go all crazy now…'' and Dax replies,''What,this little thing?'' He slowly slides in at least ten inches of the power dong,and chews on Skeet’s nipples the whole time. He torques the dildo around in several directions while Skeet’s power jacking his own rod. Skeet’s ready for the real thing; he flips over on his belly and offers up his ass for Dax’s meat. Dax slips it in and starts thrusting bareback. Skeet bites the pillow and snarls,''Oh yeah,fuck that ass!'' Dax wants it face to face,so he pulls out,grabs Skeet’s ankles,twists him around,and plows him again without missing a beat. He pulls out and spews his load about two feet onto Skeet’s belly and chest. As soon as he’s done squirting,he plugs Skeet again and turbo thrusts him some more to get him off. With his cock still in him,Dax pulls Skeet close to him,they share a long wet kiss,and Dax licks up the spunk on Skeet’s chest. They take a couple of cum rags to wipe up the rest,and to wipe down the sweat they’re covered with. These boys are wiped out. They lie back in each other’s arms and close their eyes.

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Slater Reed and Austin at the Beach

Slater’s in the red trunks and Austin in white. They walk across the sand to the water’s edge,and pause to kiss and grope. Apparently they decide they can have more fun with each other than in the water,and they walk together arm in arm to the beach house. Once inside,Slater hangs out the ''Do Not Disturb'' sign and they go at it. Slater thrusts his tongue into Austin’s mouth,and licks his nipples. He unlaces Austin’s trunks and slides his hands inside. Meanwhile,Austin runs his hands over Slater’s chest,and squeezes his ass. The shorts come off,Slater sits in the armchair,and Austin kneels on his lap. Slater gives Austin’s dick a few friendly strokes before taking it fully into his mouth. Because of the camera angle,we can see Slater’s cock getting hard as he sucks cock. This is even before Austin starts stroking him. Austin climbs down and licks,sucks,and chews on Slater’s nipples,before working his way down to his massive cock. He holds Slater’s shaft tightly as he deep throats. We see his dick swell as he gives his buddy head. Slater grins mischievously. The boys plunge into an extended kiss before moving over to the bed. Slater lies on the bed and Austin climbs on,as Slater grabs his dick,stroking it as he chews on Austin nipples. Another long kiss as Austin presses his whole body against Slater’s. Austin sucks on Slater’s nipple as Slater watches appreciatively. Both men grab each other’s cocks and stroke. Slater breaks out the lube and slathers it on Austin’s rod,which is standing at 10 o’clock. Slater grips the base of Austin’s cock and sucks on the head,eventually licking up and down the shaft. He runs his hands all over Austin’s balls,belly,ass and chest. Slater pulls on Austin’s dick and it springs back into position,now at 11 o’clock. Austin uses his hand to massage Slater’s balls and fuckhole. Slater fingers Austin’s asshole while jacking his dick. This gets him off,and he squirts his load on his belly. Slater massages Austin’s chest and fingerfucks him as Austin strokes. First one finger,then two,then three. Finally he grips Austin’s cock with both fists and power jacks him. Austin throws his arms back over his head and writhes in pleasure during this treatment. Slater pinches Austin’s nipples and plays with his navel ring. The scene ends with Slater licking Austin’s ear and massaging his chest.

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Dax and Tristan Thomas: The Spunkeater and the Biker Dude

Tristan rises from the couch and walks over to the bed to admire Dax’s tank top—and the pecs underneath it. The men explore each other’s bodies with their hands,and Dax reaches under Tristan’s t-shirt and slips it off. Tristan opens his mouth and Dax sticks his tongue in it. They hold each other for a long embrace while exploring each other’s mouths. Tristan gets Dax out of his shirt and goes to work licking his pits and chest. He continues to run his hands all over Dax’s body as he pulls off his own pants,and then Dax’s. Dax is wearing a black jock,which really gets Tristan off. He licks the part covering Dax’s swelling dick until it is completely saturated. Their upper bodies press together and Tristan goes in for another wet kiss as Dax reaches inside his bud’s tighty whities. When he pulls them off we see that Tristan is already hard. As Dax strokes Tristan’s lengthening dick,Tristan continues to service Dax’s dick through the jock,while fingering his pal’s fuckhole. Tristan flips Dax over for some rear-end work. He bites and tongues his cheeks before tonguing his asshole. We can see that this is really getting Tristan off—his dick is ramrod straight. And the jock hasn’t even come off yet. Tristan flips him over,strips off the jock,and puts it in his mouth. His dick visibly stiffens. Tristan lowers his head onto Dax’s balls and starts licking,eventually working his way all along the shaft. Dax raises his arms behind his head to watch and enjoy. Tristan continues the oral assault on Dax’s pits,nipples and chest. He comes in for another kiss as they press their chests and cocks together. Now Dax gets started on Tristan’s dick,taking his entire meat down his throat in one stroke. Dax has a variety of cocksucking techniques,and he uses several here intensely. Tristan says,''Sit on my face. I want your ass,'' and Dax happily cooperates,leaning forward to suck on Tristan’s dick while Tristan rims him. Next,he straddles Tristan’s chest for a full service blowjob. Eventually,he eases back to slip onto Tristan’s dick. It’s kind of an ambush—Tristan wasn’t expecting to start fucking just yet. He massages Dax’s chest as Dax rides him. They tumble over so that Tristan is on top,and his cock never leaves Dax’s fuckhole. Tristan continues plowing,he presses his chest onto Dax’s,and leans over to thrust his tongue into Dax’s eager mouth. Tristan pulls out and goes down hungrily on Dax’s 9-inch meat again. Dax spews his wad onto Tristan’s waiting tongue,and Tristan eagerly slurps up the juice as Dax continues to squirt. The guys shift position and Dax squeezes Tristan’s pecs as Tristan continues to suck his buddy’s cock,which is still stiff. Tristan shoots his load while eating Dax’s ass. The scene ends as Dax feeds Tristan some of his own cum,and they discuss whose spunk tastes better.

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Skeet and Kyle Hardin: Fuck the Fratboy

The boys are in the bathroom enjoying a very long spitswapping kiss. Skeet reaches under Kyle’s t-shirt and massages his nipples before stripping it off him. Kyle runs his hands over Skeet’s muscular chest and pulls off his shirt. Skeet pulls down Kyle’s jeans so he can get his hands insides his briefs,while Kyle is working at getting Skeet out of his Joe Boxers. The kiss continues throughout. Skeet goes right for Kyle’s cock,which is already stiff before the shorts come off. From the look on Kyle’s face,it appears that he had never had his cock sucked before. Skeet’s also rock hard,and Kyle goes down on him like a madman,still working at getting him out of the last of his clothes. These boys are impatient. We get a nice view of Skeet’s upright cock as he gives his bud head and finger fucks Kyle’s ass. Skeet works fast,he spins him around and bends him over for a full service rim job. Kyle’s hyperventilating. It appears that much of this scene was a first for him. As he explores Kyle’s fuckhole with his tongue,Skeet reaches around to stroke his cock,massage his balls,and pinch his nipples. Both boys run their hands all over each others bodies and they dive into another extended tongueswap. They stroke each other’s swollen cocks and chests and the kissing continues. Get a room,guys!

Which they do. When they move into the bedroom Skeet gently lays Kyle on his back and climbs on. His cock presses on Kyle’s asshole,their chests press together,and oral exchange continues. Skeet pins Kyle’s arms back to suck on his pits. He pulls Kyle’s hips up to his mouth and fucks his own face with Kyle’s dick. Skeet moves up to facefuck his bud,and continues stroking Kyle’s dong while he’s at it. Kyle can’t get enough of his pal’s eight inches—he grudgingly give it up long enough to wrap and lube it. Skeet slips his cock in Kyle’s chute,and Kyle looks like he’s going into orbit. (Briefly we see Dax,the still photographer and Skeet’s partner,in the background stroking his crotch.) Skeet pulls their hips together for the deepest possible penetration,and leans back to pull Kyle on top of him. This gives us a much better view of the thrusting and the oral activity up top. Skeet grabs and kneads Kyle’s pecs as he continues to fuck him silly. The master contortionist,Skeet manages to get Kyle’s dick in his mouth while his own cock in still working his buddy’s ass. He accomplishes this twice,in between sessions of chewing on Kyle’s nipples and grabbing his pecs,still fucking the entire time. That’s it for Kyle—he squirts his load on Skeet’s belly,and Skeet follows almost immediately. Kyle wipes the spooge off his pal’s forehead (!) and says,''You’re a real turn-on,you know that?'' One more kiss as the scene ends.

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Get At Me

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