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Get It Str8 #4

A NOTE FROM VINNIE: I wouldn't call these guys "aged beef" but they are slightly older than my usual catch - 25,27 and 29 years old - no orthopedic socks here,just big fat str8 cocks! Taylor's seduction scene is destined to become a cult favorite


This fire-crotch is a friend of Dylan's (SPP16 Str8 To OZ). Axel is a sometime landscaper and a full-time "gangster". 5'7",145 pounds,25 years old,Axel is a little rough around the edges but ready to roll! I pump up the volume on the porn flick and leave him alone to work himself over. When I return to the room and grab Axel's cock to measure it,he pops his load! (Remember "Jason" from Str8 Loads #1?). He's ready to go again and when he stands up and watches himself in the mirror - check out the hot tattoos on his arms - he can barely control himself and spews out a second load. Axel says "See,I'm a sex freak!"... Welcome to the club!

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Axel's second visit is more relaxed and when he starts to play with his cock I lube it up and start to stroke him. I bring him to the edge several times and then his 8" piece erupts in my hands. He says he has so much fun when his girlfriend is gone that he doesn't want her to come back...By George! I think he's got it!

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My partner found Taylor at an adult book store in Newport,RI,home of a large Naval Academy. He had just gotten to town and was already missing his wife of ten years...Enter Vinnie Russo... I could tell you what Taylor does for a living but then I would have to kill you! Lets just say he's an Officer and a Gentleman... A strapping 6'5" tall,205 lbs,and a size 12.5 shoe,Taylor is a little bit nervous,asks a lot of questions and thinks he's heard of Sneek Peek Productions before! He strips down and massages the big bulge in his boxer briefs and then pulls out a 9.5" monster! He says he's not used to having a man touch him...but when I start to stroke his cock it gets REAL hard in my hand. I bring him close several times before I kick it up a notch... I begin to lick the head of his shaft and then dive deep down on his torpedo... You won't believe the payload this guy launches - HUGE spurts all over my face and down my throat! "I'm a little freaked out! I'm really surprised you did that!" he says. "Do all those porn guys go through the same thing? I'll bet you have more fun interviewing women!" Uh...well...I really don't think he's seen a Sneek Peek video after all.

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The last plumber I called was nothing like this next blue collar BABE...Gianni is 27 yrs old,5'11" tall,185 lbs,with a nice hairy muscular body. He strips down,jumps on my bed and starts pulling his pud. A little baby oil lube and I'm strokin' his banana-curved 8"x 6" cock - "I'll finish it,man" he says so I back off for a while... When I pour more oil on and grab it again I get the same "I'd rather do it myself!". I leave the room and I can hear him moaning as he explodes all over the bed. This one might be a tough Nut to crack - but I'm gonna have BIG fun trying!

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Get It Str8 #4

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