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Smok'n Enrique

Latino thug Enrique has been one of the horniest guys I've ever worked with and these previously unreleased sessions from the Sneek Peek vault prove that he can definitely deliver a load! Six hot oral encounters at my pad over the course of three years showcases Enrique's massive cock and his stamina during my expert service! Sexy conversation about his girlfriend and other hoes,slippery deep-down blowjobs and massive ejaculates of cum make this a must-have "Thug" installment of the Ultimate Reality Porn! Peace...Vinnie

Scene 1:

Enrique has been out of jail for a short while so he naturally stops by to make some cash - and a mess. Even though he's busted a nut the day before he's rock hard as soon as I touch him. After I sink his his cock into my throat and work it for a while,Enrique exclaims "You give the best blowjob I've ever had. Seriously!". In no time he explodes in my mouth. "Fucking Perfect!"
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Scene 2:

Enrique thinks he's found a willing female to bring to the film shoots (yeah,right!) so I humor him a little then dive down on his cock. He works the remote as he watches the porno and soon Enrique shoots a load into the air and on my face. "Wow,you know how to keep me on the edge!"
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Scene 3:

After spotting some high schools gurlz on his way to my pad,Enrique is primed and ready to go,so he grabs the remote and finishes my cigarette. He lays back as I go down on him and my expert service soon pays off as Enrique unloads a creamy batch on my tongue. "Excellent!"
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Scene 4:

Enrique hasn't been able to get away from his girlfriend for a few days so he's horny and broke. In record time he's stripped and in the chair getting a great blowjob then "Oh,Shit!" and he's blastin' a wad on my face. Enrique tries to appropriate my new digs before he leaves...
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Scene 5:

Enrique is draggin' a bit today cause his girlfriend threw him out in the middle of the night. The porno gives him some inspiration and he's soon stiff and ready for service. After some "Throatus Interuptus" because the remote's not workin' right,I continue sucking his monster cock until it erupts on my lips. Sweet!
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Scene 6:

The porno is playing as he starts to strip down and his huge cock starts to swell even before I touch it. Enrique is totlly into the hot babe in the flick and evidently responds to my tonge and lip service. I keep him at the edge as long as I can then as he talks to the bitch in the porno Enrique plasters my face with his load. Nice blowjob? "Hell,Yeah!"

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amateur homemade porn

Smok'n Enrique

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