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Buzzin' Around #2

Straight young stud and sometime mechanic Buzz has some excess baggage (boo + grunts) but likes to get down now and then with another guy. He has an easy-going manner,likes to chill with Vinnie and ''oh yeah'' loves to get his cock sucked! And Vinnie gets a little return service too!! Lots of sexy conversation,deep-throat blow jobs,warm creamy loads,cum-eating and much more! All scenes are from the Sneek Peek vault and not previously released. So get your ''Buzz on'' and check out another stellar installment of the Ultimate Reality Porn!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Buzz isn't very talkative today,so I just pop in a porno and have him strip down. Since he hasn't popped in a while he gets hard real quick and I start to blow him. My service is rockin', as usual,and when he can't stand it no more Buzz spills a hot nut on my lips and I eat it up. We light our cigs and engage in some post-spill chill.
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Buzz is trying to escape from his boo again and so he drops in to watch some porno. I have him strip down and it doesn't take long for him to get hard as he strokes. It looks like Buzz is ready so I move in and kneel between his legs and lick the shaft and head as I swallow his cock. I start a cock fight with him as he watches me intently and when I stand up Buzz grabs my huge cock and starts to suck it. I go back to servicing him and in no time he spews out an awesome load as I lick up the remains. After cleaning him up he is still hard so I suck it a little more before he dresses to leave.
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Amateur Video Scene 3:

A few days before Christmas Buzz shows up at my pad dressed in his thug-wear and bling and as he peels the layers down I set up the camera and pop in a porno flick. He starts to carefully play with his cock (he got it stuck in his zipper earlier) and it soon gets hard (what a trooper!). Buzz lubes it up and does some serious wanking before spilling a mega nut into his hand. After cleaning up Buzz piles the clothes back on and heads out into the cold,cruel world (a little richer of course!).
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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Buzz boasts about the good shape his body's in as he strips off his clothes. He starts jerking his cock and it gets hard so I scoot up next to him and pull out my own monster cock. Buzz starts to blow me,stroking as he does it,and in no time Buzz busts a nice big nut.
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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Buzz hasn't been around in a while and he looks older - but still damn sexy. After popping in a new porno for him,I strip down his pants and begin to service him as he watches it. Of course he's totally into it and after working my deep throat Buzz jerks his huge load all over my face and tongue.
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Buzzin' Around #2

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