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Full Flava #2 - Enrique

A NOTE FROM VINNIE: More full-flavored gems from the Sneek Peek vault feature horse-cocked ENRIQUE at his sexiest,horniest best! VinDawg manages to coax out some major loads from this Blatino thug-master general and Enrique responds by giving me some well-deserved service! Who needs the nagging girlfriend? Sexy conversation,deep-down blowjobs and oodles of sweet cum make this another got-to-have installment of Ultimate Reality Porn!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Enrique finally finds a porno that will help him over the edge and in no time flat he's naked and working the remote. I lube Enrique's cock and bring it to maximum length by sucking it hard and deep. It doesn't take long for his load to blow and I eat every last drop. Sweet!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

During some of Enrique's tall tales he strips his clothes off then works the remote control as I go down on him. I give his monster cock a good licking and stroke my own cock as I do it. Enrique explodes on my face and I lap up the rest. Super sweet!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

While checking out the new shipment of porn videos Enrique gets rock hard and quickly strips down. I go right to work on his chocolate stick,taking it straight up and all the way down to the base. When I stand and take out my own cock Enrique begins to blow me,taking most of it down his throat. Enrique blows his load in my hand then I scoot up next to him and he jerks me until I spill my load. Sweet and Hot!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Thugged out Enrique hasn't busted in three days and needs to bad. He chooses a porno for inspiration and gets into position to receive my servicing so I lube up his cock and get to work. I pull out my own cock and Enrique starts stroking it for me as I suck on his fat schlong. A little cock-fight ensues then he blows me for a while. After I make him bust a massive nut Enrique grabs my cock and sucks it until I release a load. Super sweet and super hot!!

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Enrique pulls off his pants and out pops his chocolate monster. I suck his cock while he watches the porno and soon he splashes his load on my face. When I unzip my pants and pull out my cock,Enrique sucks me off and I dump a messy load. Super sweet,super hot and definitely Full Flava!

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Full Flava #2 - Enrique

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